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”I knew you for such a short time and I’ve missed you forever.”

It may be The End of the World as We Know It but that doesn’t mean there aren’t moments that’ll warm your heartstrings or tug at them.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

General / Meta

  • Cordelia in general. After everything she's gone through from Fiona's abuse, to losing her husband, getting blinded (twice) and losing her best friend, she finally is the Supreme and is doing a great job leading the Coven. Even better she's gotten Myrtle back and soon is reunited with Madison, Queenie and Misty. Feels like a huge Pet the Dog moment in an otherwise dark show. It’s also shown that unlike Fiona, she’s very nuturing to her students and pretty much becomes Team Mom to everyone at the school.
  • The fact that almost all the cast including Jessica Lange came back for this season, in the same roles and still feel like their characters.
    • Another is how many unexpected cast members came back (the only noticeable exception is Denis O'Hare), not just the Murder House cast but also Naomi Grossman.
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    • Since we're mentioning casting: the overwhelmingly positive reception to Cody Fern's acting skills.
  • The support and love Sarah Paulson got not just from fans, but also from her fellow cast and crew when she directed “Return to Murder House”.
  • In a rather... twisted way, the fact that Nan and Papa Legba seem to genuinely enjoy each others' company is oddly sweet.

Could It Be...Satan?

  • Plenty of nostalgic Tears of Joy were shed by fans when the Coven makes its return.
  • The smile on Cordelia's face when she sees Zoe teaching a group of students on changing the color of flowers.
  • When Madison sees Queenie in the former’s personal Hell, she immediately squees and gives her a big hug. She even takes Queenie’s digs at her with good natured smiles.

Boy Wonder

  • Misty being resurrected is this in general for both the Coven and for the audience, but stand out moments that are especially heartwarming are her reunion with Cordelia (shown above in the page image) and Stevie Nicks making a surprise appearance and dedicating her impromptu performance to Misty.
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  • The page quote which Cordelia says to Misty when the latter gives her tea. Regardless of how you interpret the relationship between the two of them, it’s universally agreed by fans to be one of the seasons highlights.
  • In a weird, dark way, Miriam Mead throwing her arms up, hugging Michael then fussing over him is kind of sweet. She is his Devil Mama after all.

Return to Murder House

  • Thanks to Madison and Behold, Moira's remains are finally dug up and buried in a cemetery next to her mother, allowing her to finally move on.
    • Moira's mother not only forgiving Moira for euthanizing her, but rejoicing in it, as she had been in misery. They both walk off together, hand-in-hand.
  • Tate and Beau greeting Constance when she dies and reawakens as a ghost, with Tate even allowing her to touch him, perhaps forgiving her.
  • Madison letting Violet see that Tate has changed, resulting in the two of them getting back together again.
  • It’s a small detail but the fact that Billie Dean Howard is allowed in the Murder House and as she describes it “one of the few living people they let come and go” is surprisingly sweet and implies Billie Dean has gained the trust of the ghosts.
    • Her introduction? Playing ball with Beau.


  • Coco discovers that she has a new ability: she can intuitively discern how many calories any item of food contains. Despite this talent being relatively useless, Queenie, Zoe, and Mallory all celebrate and encourage her to keep training to see what else she might be able to do.
  • As the witches contemplate the prospect of facing the literal Antichrist, they decide to throw a nice dinner. They all realize that their survival is not assured, so they decide to make the most of the time that they have left.
  • Mallory telling Cordelia she refuses to take the role of supreme if it means Cordelia has to die. Shows how much respect she has for her.
  • During the climatic burning, Zoe tells Coco she doesn’t have to look if she doesn’t want to, of which Coco complies.
  • The entire friendship between Mallory and Coco.
  • When Papa Legba suggests Cordelia give up the souls of all her students in exchange for stopping Michael, she adamantly refuses and calls the potential deal off. Even in her desperation and her slowly becoming a Knight Templar, it’s good to see Cordelia won’t cross that line, a far cry from Fiona.


  • Cordelia offering to help Michael despite all he’s done. It doesn’t work but it says a lot about her that she even offered to help him in the first place. The actual dialogue and Sarah Paulson’s delivery really sells it:
    ”You don’t have to follow this path your father laid out for you. You can write your own destiny. You can still turn away. There’s humanity in you. I see it. If you come with me, maybe we can find it.”
  • A villainous example: Michael’s sheer determination to bring back Mead and calling her his true ally.

Fire and Reign

  • The entire porch scene at Misty’s shack with Cordelia and Myrtle. Even after losing everyone at the Coven (save for Mallory, Coco and Madison) and everything having Gone Horribly Wrong, Myrtle still comforts Cordelia and supports her. When Cordelia ponders whether she’s becoming like Fiona, Myrtle assures her this isn’t the case. She then tells her this:
    ”My dear Delia, you’re not your mother. You’ll never be your mother. And the truth is, even if Fiona walked this earth for a thousand years, she would be but a flicker, pale in the shadows. While you light up the skies like a fiery conflagration.”
    • This also further cements the mother/daughter bond Myrtle and Cordelia had in Coven, which was already sweet in the first place.
    • Related to that, Cordelia owning up to her mistakes just confirms that despite her fears, she’s nothing like her mother.
  • The revelation that not only is Misty Day safe, she’s out traveling with Stevie Nicks.
  • Even though it could kill her or not even work at all, Mallory goes through with the time travel ceremony. This quote makes it even sweeter:
    ”I’d do anything to bring my sisters back.”
  • Cordelia gives Mallory a long Cooldown Hug after Mallory barely manages to survive the time-travel spell.
  • The Odd Friendship Mutt and Jeff have with Venable. They personally offer her the job at The Cooperative, which surprises even her.

Apocalypse Then

  • Coco is deeply upset at the prospect of becoming an Alpha Bitch because it means having to hurt and demean Mallory. Mallory promises her that she won't hold it against her.
  • Might double as a Moment of Awesome: Coco trying to attack Michael. She is fully aware that she, out of all the witches present, is the weakest and could never hope to even bruise him, but she still goes ahead and stabs the Antichrist in the back, with no visible fear, and calling him "fuckface" in the process. It's a matter of seconds before he nonchalantly takes the knife off his back and kills her, but her dedication to the protection of the Coven is astounding.
  • Mallory not only stops Michael Langdon from ever coming to power, but she also talks Queenie out of going to the Hotel Cortez and leverages the "cred" that she got from killing the Antichrist to bring Misty back from the dead. She also plans to bring back Madison... eventually.
  • Speaking of which, we get the one/two serving of Misty and Cordelia’s hug and Misty meeting Mallory for the first time and the two becoming friends almost instantly.

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