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Vera Blanc is a Ren'Py-based mystery/detective Visual Novel from Winter Wolves, an independent game maker. It differentiates itself from most other Visual Novels on the market by using western-style comic art as opposed to manga.

At sixteen it looks like Vera Blanc has it all: Wealthy, beautiful and a child prodigy. Unfortunately she is diagnosed one day with a brain tumour and given just months to live. Her father, Emmaual Blanc, refusing to lose his daughter commissions a medical team to perform a radical surgery. They partially rewired Vera's brain to a computer, bypassing all the damage. While the surgery worked, it came with an unexpected side effect: Vera gained the ability to read other people's minds. Now determined to do some good in the world, she investigates cases of paranormal activity alongside her partner, Brandon Mackey.


Two episodes were released in 2010, but the series was swiftly cancelled due to low sales compared with other Winter Wolves titles. Both existing Vera Blanc games can still be purchased through the Winter Wolves website, or bundled with five other games in the Classic Games Collection on Steam.

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