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The girls you can romance.From left to right 

Re Angel is a 2008 Urban Fantasy visual novel by Studio GU, a Thai indie visual novel company. This novel is a remake and reboot of Angel's Tale, a 2004 visual novel. Re Angel is known for being a non-Hentai Bishoujo novel.

The story takes place in Thailand, and begins when Prat, an Ordinary High-School Student who can see the supernatural (including System of Fate skyscrapers), finds himself in the midst of a conflict between Angels and Demons. There are four women you can befriend. If you choose one of them in a certain situation, it puts you on that character's route, and the choices you make in that character route determines the ending.

Unfortunately, there's no official English translation available right now. (However, they did release an official Japanese translation in the past...)

This page is currently on Works Needing Tropes due to lack of tropes as a result of being a Thai-exclusive language work.


This work features examples of:

  • One-Gender Race: The Angels are all female.
  • Our Angels Are Different: All Angels in the novel are female. They're supernatural/divine entities who protect the world and the System of Fate from destruction. Unfortunately, they aren't immortal (but they're ageless). There are three types of Angels:
    • Maintenance Angel: A common type of Angel who wear white and red uniforms. Their mission is to patrolling, repairing system failures and gathering information for the System of Fate. Prat's "sister" Fa is revealed to be this type of Angel.
    • Combat Angel: Special Angels in blue and white uniforms. They first appear in the war between Angels and Demons. They're Maintenance Angels who get upgraded and enhanced with combat skills.
    • Administrator Angel: The highest rank of all Angels. These Angels dress in green and white uniforms. Only a few Administrator Angels exist. Their job is to serve as a boss for other Angels, to command and make decisions for them and control the System of Fate.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Like Angels, the Demons are all female. Unlike Angels, all (except Manari) Demons are antagonists in the story. They have two forms: a pink ball-shaped cat form and a human form. Some Demons transform themselves into adorable cat demons. It's rumored that Demons are controlled by a mysterious leader called Big Brother. They opposed Angels in the Angel-Demon War to destroy the System of Fate, though the reason why is unknown.
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  • The War Just Before: The Angel-Demon War, which occurred years ago. Although the Angels won and successfully protected the System of Fate, many Angels died in the War while some Demons retreated. One of the dead victims was an Administrator Angel. Therefore, Fa disguises herself as a human to protect Prat from Demons, since he's the only hope.

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