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Vortex Point is a series of Mystery Point-and-Click Web Games by Carmel Games.

It follows Kevin, Craig, and Caroline, a trio of Occult Detectives who investigate paranormal crimes in the titular town of Vortex Point.

List of Vortex Point games so far:

  • Case 1: Far Journeys
  • Case 2: Nensha
  • Case 3: Lake Monster
  • Case 4: Artist Square
  • Case 5: Monster Movie
  • Case 6: The Time Of Your Life Carnival
  • Case 7: Waddington Swamp
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  • Case 8: The Rock

Vortex Point provides examples of:

  • Expository Theme Tune: Full version can be found here: ♪ In the town of Vortex Point. You never know what you might see. Witchcraft, ghosts and UFOs. Everything's creepy... ♪