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Swords & Souls: Neverseen is a Role-Playing Game developed by Soul Game for computers running Windows and Nintendo Switch in 2019 and is a sequel to Swords & Souls. In it, you play as a Soul who was travelling on a ship and reaches the Neverseen, but it crashed which caused him to lose consciousness. He is woken up by Sir Pupset, a rude training dummy, who rsends him to explore. After going to a tavern and talking to the owner Hops, the player finds out that a witch has taken his precious Wendy and the player needs to save her, but first he must collect four Super Treasures scattered across the land.

Thanks to a change of engine from Adobe Flash to Unity, the game typically has better performance. There are now six weapon types and up to three enemies can be fought at once with you potentially having a pet and a mercenary to help out. Blocking, dodging, and ranged attacks are no longer chance-based, but can be done with specific buttons when available.

This game provides examples of:

  • 100% Completion: The museum has a tracker which counts your percentage for Map, Museum, Training Rank, Training Camp, Home, Mercenary, Pet, and Game Overall. Reaching 100% in all of them would count as this.
  • Alternative Calendar: The game uses fictional months to track time, like "Soulary" and "Soulmer".
  • Anti Poop-Socking: As before, the museum produces money even when you're offline, which encourages taking a break. Fishing has been specifically designed to produce more money in the museum as that's its only gameplay purpose.
  • BFS: The fifth weapon line is swords that are about as long as the protagonist. It's also one of three weapon types that forces him to give up the shield while wielding it.
  • Character Customisation: You can change the hero's hairstyle, eye type, mouth type, facial hair, accessory, tattoo/scars, and hair/facial hair color.
  • Character Development: Every mercenary that you use grows in character as they fight. Ritz becomes more enthusiastic and gets over the grief of losing her sister, Jinn becomes more confident, while Keith becomes more friendly.
  • Cooldown: The skill cooldowns return, though this time they're oriented around turns rather than real time.
  • Contractual Boss Immunity: Bosses cannot be tamed, even if their species would normally be tameable.
  • Fishing Minigame: A minigame can be played in specific locations in which you cast a line, click when it hooks, then reel in unless you see resistance. Collected fish make you get more money in the museum.
  • Flunky Boss: Bosses now usually have two additional minions to help them fight.
  • Heroic Mime: The player character never talks, even when other characters ask him a question.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Soph's main motivation for doing evil is to have friends to play with.
  • King Mook: Bosses are again typically larger, stronger versions of regular foes, though they don't have "King" before their name, but they do have crowns and are larger.
  • Magic by Any Other Name: Instead of magic, characters use Soulcery, but it's still largely the same thing and the Soulcery stat affects the damage of spells like fireballs and thunderbolts.
  • Parodies for Dummies: The book with fishing instructions is called "Fishing for Dummies."
  • Prolonged Video Game Sequel: The original only had 30 battles to get through and can probably be beaten within a day. This one has six whole chapters with about that size.
  • Sdrawkcab Name: The calender month of Luos is soul backwards.
  • Shaped Like Itself: The "Virtue of Inflation" book says that "1 Bronze = 1 Bronze."
  • Status Effects: There's Poison (lowers HP each turn based on your Melee, Ranged, and Soulcery damage combined), Burn (lowers HP each turn), Confusion (makes the victim attack itself), and Stun (disables actions).
  • Unblockable Attack: Certain enemy attacks can't be blocked or dodged, which the game explicitly mentions if you try to do that.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: You get Wendy back in Chapter 5 which was the main goal, but the adventure isn't over yet.