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Meet Cuppit the friendly blue cup!
META is an indie Adventure Game created by Crystal Shard, that is about creating Adventure Games; in other words, a metagame. The game is about winning a buggy game called Awesmoe Quest [sic], which is done by editing that game in a faithfully recreated editor interface from Adventure Game Studio. Expect lots of out-of-the-box thinking and meta-solutions.

Download link here.

This involves the following tropes:

  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Touch the fire and you die. Use the cheatmode to get all inventory items, and you'll find out that one of those items is FIRE and it causes you to die. And yes, you have to use that cheat to finish the game.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: Awesmoe Quest contains several, that have to be fixed in the editor. For instance, an NPC in the first room that you have to talk to is set as 'unclickable' in the editor, until you fix this.