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Shuutai Headless (Headless Prisoner) is a Horror RPG Maker game created by Tachi.

Erina awakens in a mysterious prison, unclear on how she got there. While exploring the place, she notices a presence and encounters a woman calling herself the Red Witch.

She originally planned to kill Erina, but has decided differently. Instead, she's chosen to help Erina escape from this prison and make it back home. The Red Witch warns Erina about the evil lurking in this place and headless prisoners seeking revenge.

Erina meets a blond man called Kenji, and the two now work together to try and escape this prison alive.

The English translation can be obtained here.


Headless Prisoner contains the following Tropes

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: Obtaining the Good Ending allows the player to head onto the True Ending route, which involves playing as the Red Witch.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Erina's eyes have been exchanged with 'death eyes', which turn her into a killer.
  • Dead All Along: Kenji turns out to have died in the prison an unknown time ago.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: The Demon of Death,Keros, who is only mentioned on the True Ending path while playing as the Red Witch. Keros took Erina's eyes and exchanged them with Eyes of Death, which manipulates her into decapitating people, which allows Keros to re-animate their corpses and gain more power.
  • Interface Screw: The Death Corridor causes this, including making it seem like the game stopped working and has crashed, but Erina's footsteps can still be heard. Thankfully, there's a note in the corridor that flat-out says to keep walking, even if the game appears to have crashed.
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  • Mood Whiplash: The Good Ending has Kenji and Erina rejoice over having escaped the prison, then drop by her house for a celebration and then Kenji sees heads of men Erina has killed. She chastises him, and kills him, too.
  • Multiple Endings
    • Headless: Leave the prison without imprisoning all the Headless Prisoners again. A Headless Prisoner kills Erina, and Kenji, if he's still alive.
    • Kenji's Dead: Quite simply, Kenji must die, and all Headless Prisoners must be imprisoned. Erina manages to escape and make it back home, but she's overcome with guilt and injures herself, saddened that she couldn't keep the promise of escaping with Kenji.
    • Good Ending: Imprison all the Headless Prisoners again and keep Kenji alive. Erina and Kenji escape, with Erina inviting him over to her house. While she's off to get some tea, Kenji sees the heads of men Erina has kidnapped and killed. Erina kills Kenji, happily thanking him for protecting her.
    • True Ending: Obtain the Good Ending, then play through the second route. The Red Witch defeats the Demon of Death, and returns Erina's eyes to her. Erina comes to her senses and talks about having done terrible things, but Kenji consoles her. He begins to disappear and tells her that he no longer exists in this world. He hugs her as he disappears, with Erina crying and begging him to not leave her alone.
  • No Name Given: The Red Witch is simply known as that.
  • Off with His Head!: The Sentence of Decapitation, which spurs the plot and is said to cause the headless corpses to roam around. Erina also uses this method to kill handsome men, because she's being manipulated by the Demon of Death, Keros.
  • Playing with Fire: The Red Witch controls fire magic.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Averted with the Red Witch. She's shown with red eyes and black sclera, but is benevolent and helps Erina. It's also revealed that her eyes are actually green.
  • Significant Green-Eyed Redhead: The Red Witch. Her magical powers are extremely strong and she's the one to have brought Erina to the prison to begin with, and a large role in the game's background.
  • Start of Darkness: The crystals showing memories of the prison's inmates and staff, including how the director used to be a gentle and fair man, until an escaped prisoner took his young daughter hostage, and killed her when she was no longer of any use to him. It turned him bitter, and he began to see all prisoners at not deserving happiness, and even abusing his power to force inmates to commit further crimes in the prison, and giving them the death-by-decapitation penalty.
  • Unexpected Gameplay Change: All the player can do as Erina is to run, and has to find a way to avoid and imprison the Headless Prisoners. She cannot battle and dies when touched by a Headless Prisoner. The Red Witch's route turns into her making her way through the prison and using her magic to blast enemies out of her way, including leveling up and having a Health and Magic bar.
  • Yandere: Erina turns out to be one in the Good Ending. Averted, since it's a case of her being brainwashed.

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