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Video Game / Dream Chronicles

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Dream Chronicles, also known as Dream Chronicles: The Endless Slumber, is a 2007 Hidden Object Game game developed by Kat Games. It opens up the first trilogy (Faye's Journey) in the game series of the same name.

The game kicks off with Faye, a mortal woman whose face you never see, dreaming that the Fairy Queen of Dreams has cast a spell over her small hometown. Upon waking up, she finds everyone in the town of Wish asleep, including her daughter, and her husband Fidget is missing, although she can still hear his voice in her head. Turns out, Lilith (the aforementioned Queen of Dreams) has kidnapped Fidget in order to marry him and increase her own powers. With help from her husband's journal, Faye sets out to rescue him from the clutches of the fairy queen.

It was followed by Dream Chronicles: The Eternal Maze in 2008, Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child in 2009 and Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air in 2010.

Dream Chronicles has examples of:

  • Abduction Is Love: Maaaybe what Lilith was going for.
  • Arranged Marriage: Standard for fairies. Fidget marrying for love, rather than marrying the fairy he was arranged to, is what kicks off the plot.
  • Child by Rape: Lilith is revealed as pregnant. If it's Fidget's, it's more than likely it wasn't a consensual conception
    • It isn't his. In the book of water there is a mention of her son being only half fairy, and thus, able to kill.
  • Cliffhanger: The ending of Book of Air reveals that Lyra returning to Wish and saving her father, but Wish is covered in darkness and storms, and her mother is still missing and trapped in a fiery dimension.
  • The Chosen One Lyra
  • Distressed Dude: Fidget. Kidnapped by a fairy queen set on marrying him for power and needing his human wife to save him? Three times? He counts.
  • Marry for Love: Aeval and Tangle, Fidget's parents. It's why they raised him in the human world; ultimately, he does the same. It backfires a little.
  • Musical Trigger: One of the puzzles requires you to play back music on a piano to open a door, while another requires you to do the same on a mystical organ to make succeeding steps in a staircase appear.
  • Runaway FiancĂ©: Fidget. Sort of. He didn't exactly choose to runaway; his parents raised him away from fairies so he could marry for love rather than have his marriage arranged for him.