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This is four years old and wildly inaccurate by now I'll get around to updating it. Eventually.

Vashiane is an American Troper who thoroughly enjoys a variety of random hobbies and is often thinking of new ways to keep herself entertained, stay sane, and possibly get a little recognition out of it as well. She is a decent writer, can't draw to save her life, reads like a madwoman and thrives off of new information (and stumping obnoxiously stupid people with her vocabulary and/or general knowledge). It's very difficult to ask around about her and receive the same answer; she acts certain ways depending on her mood and the person she's talking to, however, it's pretty universal that she is intelligent, innocently naive and rather spacey. While she tends to lurk around the site a lot, she's recently trying out editing and becoming a true contributor.

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note: I have a philosophy that if I'm going to bash something, I must know enough about it to do so, therefore averting Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch. So you can talk to me about Twilight, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (don't start loving and tolerating me yet, bronies, while I don't hate it, I see no reason to watch it.), and Disney Channel, but don't except any sunshine-y words out of me.


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Y'know, besides this one I'm also a regular at APH's various pages... and I'm currently working on the page for Heta Hazard. ... Okay, co-working on the page for Heta Hazard...?

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Fanfiction.Net : As Sascha-Gero

Archive Of Our Own : As Sascha Gero. XD

Vandalism (I'm a victim~ of vandalism~)

All comments go here. :D
  • Glad I'm the first one. Vandalized! - Quag15
    • Can't that status be shared? — Boxen
    • Yes, it can! :) - Quag15

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