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Tovarishch: Male. Came out of the assembly line on April 20, 1987.note 

A troper from a nice big country called Mexico, unlike what the name leads you to think. (But this troper is studying the Russian language, though...). Most of the time, I'm kinda laissez-faire, and well meant, until the right buttons get pressed...

As a personal note, I bumble between the line that divides the Idiot Hero from those who Feign Stupidity, much for the annoyance of my friends and family, since I have proven smart on several subjects, while epicly failing on them most of the time. Another thing of interest is the fact I am studying Graphic Design and I am also an amateur novelist, hence when I found this site, I was happy I could finally get some examples and heads-up on how to make stuff. I also got into collaborating into the Spanish translations of articles on this site.


I'm also a 40K fanboy, so I would appreciate that you should not mention that horrible fanfic that deserves to be unnamed.

¡Viva México, cabrones!

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And by the way, remember James Grayson's wise words for times of doubt: "If in doubt, just start blowing shit up."

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