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I am an XY model Josh from May 1992, manufactured and currently located within the United States. You may or may not find me interesting at all.

I'm curious, wannabe artistic, upbeat-yet-dark, goofy, overly shy and a little psycho, but I'm not that crazy once you get to know me. I have a lot of interests and an open mind. Also I'm a furry. <(ñ 3 ñ)>

Also, don't be surprised if some folders have startlingly few entries: all I've really seen that's mention-worthy is basically what I've watched on the computer. (;–` ω ´–)

    Art Pages/Profiles 
    Life Idols 

    Live Action TV 
  • anything energetic/atmospheric/upbeat/dark
  • Chiptune
  • Classicalnote 
  • Electronic music of every kind
  • Jazz and Swing of every kind
  • Rock and Metal of every kind
  • Video Game Music Composers, Notably:
    New Media 
    Video Games 
    Western Animation 

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