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Hello, Sibuna here, and welcome to my Troper page.

I am an American High School girl who has always had great interest in fiction, mainly writing stories. I can't think of a time in my life when I wasn't imagining characters and plots, often creating big imagination games with my friends where we would spend a huge amount of time developing the world and characters and getting deeper and more in depth as time went on. I guess, I've always just had a thing for storytelling, and inspiration comes easily to me. If I can't get my ideas on paper, they'd never leave me alone.


My favorite television show is House of Anubis, no matter how narmy it may be and how it may frustrate me often, I can't help but seriously love it. For literature, I enjoy many series, but currently my favorite is Beautiful Creatures. I love the characters, the plots, the relationships, I just love this series. Musically, I will really listen to anything. I don't have a genre preference, and if I like the song, I will listen. Recently, I have been getting more interested in classic rock artists like Billy Joel and Queen.

My biggest goal in life is to become a novelist. I used to be exclusively fantasy, but lately, I have been writing whatever genre comes to head; I'm about the stories themselves, not the genres, and so my stories may cover a wide range.

You can find me hanging out on Writer's Block and Forum Games!


Tropes that fit me-

Works I enjoy-

  • House of Anubis- Is my favorite television show. It may be cheesy or boring to some people, but to me, it's become an obsession. I have started getting very in depth in thinking about it, and I am an admin on the wiki.

  • Warrior Cats- The first book series I was legitimately obsessed with. I don't care for them too much now, but I have remained on the Official Forums for a very long time and I still might read the sixth series.

  • Beautiful Creatures- Thanks to my friend for having me read this; It's become my favorite series.

  • Jacksfilms

  • That Guy With The Glasses

  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!- When I was a kid, like five years old, I was completely obsessed with this show, and that is not an understatement. I still enjoy it today, though it might be Nostalgia Filter.

  • Wicked- I've developed a small obsession with this musical after watching it.

  • Danny Phantom- Has always been one of my favorites, even with the third season's Seasonal Rot.

  • Pokémon- The games, mostly.

  • My Immortal- I can't help but love how utterly horrible it is.


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