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All according to keikaku. :3

"<+coyo> hot action in the kitchen! time for Chef Coyo to put the batter in the oven!"
Coyo to winterwyn and friends in [[{{Wiki:IRC}} one of the IRC channels]]

Coyote's Song is a somewhat idealistic Hacker who wants to gather his Nakama.

He is 21 years of age, born in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, Earth, Sol, Milky Way ... , majoring in Computer Software Engineering, specifically in communications protocols, both synchronous and async with a minor in Electronic Arts, was raised in an state orphanage and not allowed to become the geek and hacker like he should have. (He is rectifying the situation!)


He is profoundly interested in new ideas, new concepts, new frameworks, new world views, new paradigms, new whatever.

He tends to fight the power for his family and nestlings, and he is a bit of a odd one, but he really is a good guy at heart. Anybody with a couple of ferrets can't be bad.

Now that he has made friends among the other tropers, he hopes to learn many things, and build an intentional community for the exclusive use of his nestlings to allow them to be themselves. Coyo would be the sysadmin for the public servers once the enclave has been founded.

This dream is beginning to come true!

Coyote's Song is a fun-loving guy, more specifically (within character) someone's future daimon. He is working hard to earn the right to play the Shepherd of various communication channels, such as IRC.


People suspect that he is really 14 years old and pretending to be older, due to his youthful enthusiasm and idealism, but part of it was being sheltered.


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