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Not much you need to know about me as a troper.

I am an aspiring writer, and have at least three horror themed works I plan to write and get published.

These world imclude a 90's horror inspired movie/show that is a walking tribute to teen horror of the late 90's; a dark deconstruction of the modern teen monster genre; and a adventure/action supernatural drama;. Speaking of video games, I also plan on making a name on the indi horror game scene, and have an idea for a Grand Theft Auto inspired indie horror game.

Obviously I can't talk to much about what I hope to get published. What I am willing to talk about is the works I don't hope to get published.

To practice my writing style I write fanfiction. Interestingly my primary method of writing fanfiction is writing mass crossovers, mixing up really lighthearted works with dark works, and writing large plots and and interconnected storylines for them. I dub this fan fiction The Haunted World saga, and because of how large it is and how actually writing them distracts the from the works I hope to get published, I'm unlikely to actually post them. (The few fanfics I did actually post are one shot smut fics).

A Haunted World

As I have explained above, I practice my writing style by writing a large fanfiction Shared Universe I have dubbed The Haunted World. It is named such for the amount of horror and supernatural themed works I write in them. Since I don't see myself actually posting these stories online, I decided to add TV tropes style write ups for them on this page, to show off how I write stories. As I have stated, the basic idea behind these stories, with exception for one of them is mixing light hearted shows and movies with dark shows and movies (for example Disney Channel or Nick sitcoms with Horror Movie's and shows).

I have been working on these stories for years, and constantly giving finished versions rewrites over these years for accommodation purposes. In fact the very first draft of my original story that would become known as Devil's Night actually dates back to the summer of 2010. Of course that draft has long since disappeared and no longer exists.

As of 2020, I have rebooted these fics; while the concepts are similar the actual stories are now different. The series, in it's current form exists as such.

Original Stories Written by Beast

I also have posted original content online, mostly on the No Sleep subreddit, even writing a series of sorts.