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Trivia / Yoshiki Hayashi

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  • Creator Breakdown: Yoshiki's had at least six of them, some mental, some physical, some both. These have influenced his music and performance.
  • Dye Hard: With the occasional rare exception, Yoshiki's hair is usually some shade of blonde or light brown. Sometimes it gets closer to the red spectrum, though.
  • Fountain of Expies: He is also the inspiration for a great many imitators. Some of the most famous were Dir en grey's Shinya in the early days and again after 2015 onward, No Min Woo when he played with The Trax (enough to get him signed to Yoshiki's label and spawn endless rumors about his being Yoshiki's son), Galneryus' Syu (which is strange in that he isn't a drummer to begin with), Double Dealer's and Saber Tiger's Yoshio Isoda (who imitated his 1996 Dahlia era style on the Fate and Destiny tour for Double Dealer), and the kid drummer of T-Earth Riku. Arguably, in a less obvious way, almost every rock and metal drummer out of Japan and even East Asia because of his influence - he and the late Munetaka Higuchi were/are the top Hard Rock / Heavy Metal drummers of Japan.
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  • The Red Stapler: Tama drum kits, Kawai pianos, Mondavi wines including his own marque, Hello Kitty including his Yoshikitty collaboration, pretty much any Cool Car out there...
  • Shrug of God: There's a lot of this from Yoshiki over the X Japan reunion, as well as the progress of Violet UK.
  • Trolling Creator: Some fans see him as one, and have bestowed upon him the nickname "Trollshiki." As for trolls in general, he seems to attract a lot of them: he once had to leave the internet temporarily due to said trolls piling on with vicious abuse when he canceled shows in 2008 and 2009. Even now, a small but bothersome amount of his Facebook comments are made by trolls, nearly any piece about him in the mainstream media will have troll comments, and people even troll his charity auctions as mentioned below.
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  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: Trolls led him to abandon fan interaction for a small period in 2008-09 until he appeared on Twitter and Facebook in early 2010 and picked right back up where he left off - to eventually get an even bigger audience.

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