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  • There have been a couple of hilarious MySpace anecdotes. They explain themselves — Rice Monster (at the end) is by miles the best, and Fake Blood (also at the end) comes up second.
  • There is also a variety of YouTube clips. Some of the funniest are Yoshiki @ Bull Run 2004 (the GPS Epic Fail incident), the "Yoshiki swear at employee" clip (in which Yoshiki drops a Cluster F-Bomb at an employee who may or may not be an Acceptable Target), the "Yoshiki and Gackt drink wine" clip (where both get very, very drunk), the "Yoshiki Toshi Pata Beer" clip (more fun with booze from X's early days as a band), the "Yoshiki apologizes to Freaks" clip from the early days of the band, and the clip where Yoshiki gives the tour of his mansion, and the running around with a traffic cone on his head clip from the 2010 Yokohama concert performance of "X."


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