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Trivia / The Thing from Another World

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  • Big Name Fan: John Carpenter, who uses footage of the movie in Halloween (1978) and even paid tribute to it in his take of the film.
  • Billing Displacement: Margaret Sheridan (Nikki) somehow got top billing, despite having a less important role — and less film experience — than Kenneth Tobey (Hendry). Sheridan was a protégée of Howard Hawks, who thought she had the potential to become a major star. (He had offered her the female lead in Red River three years earlier, but she turned it down after becoming pregnant.)
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  • Follow the Leader: The Thing from Another World influenced John Carpenter in a big way, as well as Ridley Scott.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Six minutes were cut for the film's reissue, and for years, that footage only survived in low quality television prints. As a result, transfers of the film were a patchwork job of various sources, and the quality heavily fluctuated from scene-to-scene. Higher quality copies of the cut scenes were discovered in 2018, and the film was more seamlessly restored for Warner Archive's Blu-ray.
  • Science Marches On: A mundane example. One of the crew comes in from the cold with a frostbitten hand. Hendry tells him to get it in ice water and rub it. A common treatment at the time, but basically the worst thing you can do in that situation.
  • Sequel in Another Medium: The Thing From Another World essentially kickstarted the comic book sequels for the movie which in turned lead into Climate of Fear and Eternal Vows. Questionable Research can be see as a stand-alone Continuity Reboot.


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