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Trivia / The Thing Called Love

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  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $14 million. Box office, $1,029,721.
  • The Cast Show Off: Sandra Bullock performed the song "Heaven Knocking on My Door", which she also wrote.
  • Invisible Advertising: Paramount only distributed the film in the South and left it for dead in a crowded summer as they felt that the film had very limited appeal outside of country music fans. When Peter Bogdanovich found out about this, he was not pleased (as he felt it was one of his better films). Eventually, the film was re-marketed as an art film after River Phoenix's death in some markets but audiences still didn't show.
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  • Name's the Same: Miranda insists her middle name bears no relation to that other Presley. Her father was an Elvis fan.
  • What Could Have Been: Linda Lou apparently had a thing for Kyle — who never realized. She tells him about it on their departure.
    Linda: You know, there's something that you never understood about me ... You could have had me for a song.


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