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Trivia / Pyrocynical

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  • Fake Russian: Loves pulling off this accent, topped up with Russian hat and gas mask.
  • Old Shame:
    • His MLG videos like "MLG Teletubbies" and "Shrek has swag," as well as the video "CAR SEX." He tends to treat his older videos in general as this, due to how he uploads new videos almost daily and wants to be seen as growing as a channel, but those are some of the big ones - especially given that "MLG Teletubbies" is to this day the most viewed video on his channel. He often jokes that when he dies, he'll be remembered most for "MLG Teletubbies", not his various commentary videos or his later personal insightful looks into various subjects.
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    • "CRAZIEST WOMAN EVER EATS SAND" also became one after it began being spammed for Pyrocynical's recommendations over his new content.
    • His (admittedly minor) contribution to Hunt Down the Freeman seems to be going this route. He's dedicated a full video on it.
    • "FORTNITE BIZARRE ADVENTURE", despite being a relatively new video, is also heading down this route, given Niall's stance on the game and its community.

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