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In general

  • Pyro's Berserk Button towards the royalty-free ukulele music that many people on YouTube use.
    • Then, someone sent him a video of them strumming a ukulele.
  • The disturbed sigh of the father of a car enthusiast.
  • Whenever Linkin Park's "Crawling" is played.
  • When Pyro laughs at something, which sounds like he's violently gagging.
  • The sound of Pyro walking out of the room, followed a door slam.
  • Any time Pyro mocks Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy's, and the users that play them.
  • The Gallows Humor about murdering and suicide, especially when it comes to Let's Play specials.
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  • The constant abuse of stock sound effects and audio distortion.
  • Whenever he finds memes that specifically bullies him.

Specific moments

  • "Straight-up lava."
  • During a video about the tension between H 3 H 3 Productions and SoFlo Antonio, Pyro draws attention to SoFlo saying "Ya boy, Ethan."
    Pyrocynical: Did anyone else feel a level of cringe?
    • Then he replays the moment slowed down.
  • Pyro stating that Olaf from Frozen is gay for saying that he enjoys hugs, and calling the snowwoman a slut of allowing Olaf to hug her if he sings the alphabet.
    • When a YouTuber goes to do the condom challenge, this happens:
      Pyrocynical: [gags] The royalty-free ukulele...!! [wheezes in the background]
      • Let's not forget:
      Pyrocynical: I just fucking HATE THAT UKULELE!!!
    • The counter Pyro uses for the amount of people that have probably died from doing the challenge, during a montage of filmed people taking part in it.
  • Pyro's reason for making his Hitman character strangle a woman in the street.
    Pyrocynical: Sorry, lady. I have to choke you out. I've seen better facial animation on Kinectimals.
    • In the same video, the montage of the character (disguised as a vicar) throwing scissors into people's faces.
  • The YouTube (most of them children) users that appear in Pyro's videos about the critics.
  • Pyro mocking the overly-long titles that SoFlo Antonio uses for his videos.
  • Pyro's university degree, certifying him as "faggot".
  • The Soundtrack Dissonance from the royalty-free music, which Pyro briefly plays over a Hitler rally.
    • Pyro's mimicry of Comedy Shorts Gamer's intro.
    • Pyro's comment about the weird appearance of Principal Ethan in the video.
      Bertgasm: Oh, hi, Principal Ethan... is everything okay?
      Pyrocynical: [imitating Principal Ethan] "The totally DEAD look in my face shows that everything's okay."
    • "Bertgasm... LOL!!! "ORGASM"!!"
  • Jacob Sartorious' music promo for Sweatshirt...
  • The Harry Potter parody video starring Harry and Dobby the house-elf.
    • "Basically, the Harry Potter films, if they were made in 1860."
    • This:
      Pyrocynical: Can we just give Actor of the Year to Dobby? No-no — Actor of the Decade!
    • Pyro noting the people in the background during Harry and Dobby's fight.
    • "As Harry Potter mourned the loss of his friend Dobby, Hermione phoned up Papa John to get some pizza."
    • Dobby himself.
    • The bad voice acting of the characters.
    • "The budget must've been amazing. Easily 40 million dollars."
    • The Rouge Angles of Satin subtitles.
      Pyrocynical: I've seen better grammar between two Minecraft mods arguing with each other.
  • Pyro's Brief Accent Imitation during a terrorist prank by teenagers in London.
    Pyrocynical: Allow it, cous'. Allow the ISIS attacks, cous'. Allow it, cous'. Allow it...
  • In the sex simulation commercial, Pyro gets annoyed that all the virtual characters are slim and attractive women, snapping that there should be male characters, as well as Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy's characters for the horny 12 year old boys.
    • Also, Pyro noticing how the technicians filmed don't seem to be working in a studio, instead it looks like they're just working in their bedrooms.
      "No mum, I'm making virtual reality sex, it's gonna sell millions!"
    • "When I pitched the idea to Google, they called me a sex offender and called security."
  • During his "Buzzfeed has hit a new low" video, he constantly lampshades how the cast refers to men.
    Pyrocynical: "Them. Those men. How dare. Those men. With their cock. And their balls. Sit on a train and open their le — You're an eight year old boy? You manspread, you scum."
  • "Hello, internet, and welcome to Behind The Meme. Today, I'm gonna take an M16 out and kill seven people."
  • His video on glitches in Fallout 4.
    • "I spilled my coffee! THERE IS COFFEE EVERYWHERE-".
    • The parts of the video where he's too scared to move because he might crash his game.
  • From "Thicc Souls":
  • His collabs with Hyojin, in which they played Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island:
    • When signing up a name for his account, Pyro gets suggested with the name "incel831".
    • "Where is my son."
    • This:
      Captain Rockhopper: I'm Captain Rockhopper!
      Pyro: Elusive rock cock.
    • When Pyro launches himself out from Rockhopper's ship, it cuts into a zoom in to his penguin avatar fying in a monochrome tone and a cutout of Pingu with an upset face, while "Piano Man" by Billy Joel plays, along with this caption:
      "Have you seen this penguin? last seen fucking dying tbh"
    • Hyojin gets banned for saying that she would like some pussy, prompting Pyro to wail "Oh my God, Hyojin!" in despair.
    • Hyojin desperately trying and failing to throw snowballs at Pyro.
    • "You're roasting me, but you're the one playing Club Penguin!"
    • The Stinger, where Pyro uninstalls Club Penguin Island set to a Kidz Bop cover of Bring Me to Life.
      • And what was the reason he left and uninstalled the game? Hyojin remarked on how she wanted to make bread out of her vaginal yeast.
  • From his video on Dark Souls Remastered:
    • His "fight" against Havel:
      Pyro: This Havel guy, everyone's saying he's hard, he doesn't even care!
      (Smash Cut to "YOU DIED" and Havel walking away)
      • "Ha! Havel the Rock? More like Havel the Dead!"
      • "Maneater Mildred? More like... VEGAN!"
      • "Sen's Fortress? More like Sen's Fortress!"
    • "If you have a sorcery build, you should be put to sleep."
    • At one point, while traversing Darkroot Garden, he gets invaded by Forest Hunters (or "the fuckin' vegan covenant!"). He tries to join up with them, but isn't allowed to, so he's forced to fight and dies screaming in rage.
    • Pyro's Flat "What" after Ceaseless Discharge insta-kills him with an attack.
      Pyro: Whort.
    • After gaining the "Epic Roast" pyromancy, he starts insulting enemies with a text-to-speech device before setting them on fire.
      Text-to-Speech Device: Hollow? More like loser. You actually make Dark Souls 2 look good. The last time sorcery was a viable build was Demon's Souls.
  • From Fat Cry 5
    • Pyro's monologue about how overpowered the shovels in the game are, set to opera music.
      Pyro: May God have mercy on your enemies when you get ahold of the mighty shovel. If Captain Ahab had weld a shovel against Moby Dick, he would have perfectly skewered the beast, while simultaneously piercing the Sun.
    • "I dealt with Captain America much like how he died in Infinity War. Shot by Thanos with a 44-scope Magnum."
    • Pyro tries to talk to an NPC, but the NPC keeps running forwards, stopping his speech. Pyro eventually gets fed up and guns him down.
    • The entire sequence of Kaz Miller's famous "Why are we still here?" speech set to various scenes from the Johnny Johnny videos, complete with Johnny getting a Venom Snake makeover.
    • Pyro lashing out at PewDiePie for "stealing" content from him.
      Pyro: Pyrocynical copies PewDiePie? No, fu- (Jump Cut) PewDiePie copies Pyrocynical? Game Theory? (Overlapping with Matpat saying his famous catchphrase) But that's just a gammmmeeeeeee... (voice slows down as a clip of Matpat screaming "I JUST SIMULTANEOUSLY WHIPPED AND NAE NAE'D!" plays on the background).
    • One of the Johnny Johnny videos has a Shoddy Knockoff Product version of Peter Griffin, of all people, portraying as the father.
    • Pyro gets bullied again in form of Johnny Johnny memes.
      "I'm not- I'm not-! This is a Johnny Johnny video! Why, does this happens everytime?"
    • "Are you razist?".
    • The fact that Tommy Wiseau, of all people posted a video edit of Johnny Johnny using scenes from The Room.
    • This exchange:
      Papa: Johnny, Johnny.
      Johnny: (Who has been edited to look like he's been playing Fortnite) Yes, Papa?
      Text-to-Speech voice: Playing Fortnite?
      Pyro: LIAR! If my kid is playing Fortnite, (Puts hand on chest) I would throw him out a window! Disgusting!
  • "DESPACITO MEMES", just "DESPACITO MEMES". Highlights include;
    • The gang's dissapointment upon finding a Loss.jpg-themed Despacito meme.
    • An offscreen Hyojin throws a pillow at Kwite and Pyro's direction... when there's a glass of water on the table that would've been spilled had Kwite didn't catch it.
      Kingani: There's water on the table!
      Kwite: You got f-*bass boost*-ing lucky!
    • "Liberals owned Despacito style"
    • The constant clapping and chair-screeching they make throughout the video.
      BluesDank: We're gonna get f-*bass boost*-ing noise complaints from e- (cuts off with laughter)
      Pyro: Yeah, they're gonna think there's a shooting going on on the next house or something. (imitating a woman's voice) "Hello, police? I hear Despacito and lots of gunfire!"
    • "It's official; Despacito will be renewed to a second season." (Cut to Kwite strangling Henry as he screams in agony, red filter included.)
    • The gang came across a Counter-Strike-themed meme. Pyro, who claimed to had seen the meme before, said that he had to do a Google search to check if it's true or not. Kingani on the other hand launched the actual game up to check.
      • This is followed by Kwite taking away Henry's beanie, making him scream in agony again.
    • Pyro comparing a video with the hashtag "military" with someone getting a kill in the Rust map in Modern Warfare 2. It gets better when one video shows a guy actually changes into military attire, which Pyro immediately compares it to someone who spawn camps with the lever-action shotgun in the same game.
      "Pussy! Pussy!"
    • "Soy! Soy, soy, soy, soy!"
    • "It's Infinity War! It's all connected, Thanos was a bad boy all along! I knew it, I knew it!"
    • "I'm placing a hit on this man: One hundred thousand Robux (followed with a superimposed image of a Roblox head and the "oof!" sound effect) for anyone that throws rotten fruit at him!"
    • At one point one of the "bad boys" is revealed to actually be a woman, which Pyro finds amusement in and congratulates her on "promoting equality" by showing women can get in on garbage memes.
    • During one particular "bad boys" video, Pyro found the guy on the video to be similar to his friend Elliot/ElBob. He immediately calls him to point this out.
      Elliot: I love it, I love, I hate you. (hangs up)
  • The Dark Side of TikTok
    • Pyro insinuating that everyone who is too young to remember watching Spy Kids is an "iPhone user", complete with a "cake" shitpost.
      • Even better, before that, one video shows two obese men doing a "nothing to live for" duet, in which Pyro compares them to the Human Thumbs.
    • "Mr. "Psychokronik"? Mr. Soy!" (the word "soy" is superimposed into Psychokronik's handle)

    • Pyro's reaction to seeing a middle-aged man doing a Fortnite dance not once, not twice, but three times:
      "There's at million people on Earth...and so many of these people are just the same guy!"
    • And then of course you have Pyro creating his own response to a "nothing to live for" duet.
  • His increasingly hilarious tantrums he throws every time he sees a meme clowning on him in "MOTH LAMP MEMES". One particular reaction is him running to his bed and jumping on it like an angry child.
  • In "These Youtubers Are "Dying"", Pyro plays an off-key saxophone, squatting on top of his bed during the part where Thomas (one of the hosts of the XtremeGamez channel) sings a song for his apparently "dying" brother, Johnny.
    "What the hell was that?"
  • Pyro, along with Dolan Dark and Hyojin (and later Ramsker, Root, and Kwite in the second video) took a stab on commissioning Fiverr and Cameo videos, highlights on the first video include:
  • Pyro struggling to watch Justin Roiland, Logic and Ninja stream Fallout 76:
    "This is painful to watch. My wife left me, and that was more entertaining than this."
  • After months of trying to get his attention, Pyro finally managed to convince Kanye West to follow him on Twitter. And the first thing he asked him afterwards?
    "play fortnite with me kanye"
  • His recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review gave us JonTron vibes, and is loaded with moments to boot.
    • Pyro waking up declaring it's December 25th, while his alarm clock displays January 26th.
    • Apparently Pyro's dad broke out from prison, illegally.
    • During one match, Pyro (playing as Ness) starts spamming PK Fire on Ramsker, increasing his percentage to 69 percent.note 
    • One skit has the Isabelle amiibo confronting Pyro in the middle of a forest. He tried shooting her with no avail, and then tried to fire a bazooka at her, which failed because he was "too weak", much to his dismay. His final solution? Summon a Solaire amiibo as his "Final Smash".
  • Pyro's recent Instagram photo is him with eyeliner.
  • Pyro's entire video reacting to 250k subs memes in an attempt to lay it to rest. This does not work.
    • Highlights include the IRL meme mashup of the wheelchair cat, Bully Hunters, and 250k meme, as well as the guy who sampled both the wheelchair cat and Pyro's laugh to remake the music tracknote  from the 250k video.
    • When Pyro asks for 250k memes on Twitter... his fans instead sent him Thanos memes.
    • One particular meme his fans sent is Fiverr Jesus reciting the copypasta, which is the exact video Pyro commissioned from him during his antics on Fiverr.
      Pyro: (Solemnly) I don't want do fucking YouTube anymore, man. I can- I could be working a 9-5 at a McDonalds... And I would be satisfying more people than what I'm doing now... This is so sad!
  • "losers read r/indianpeoplefacebook"

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