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  • Franchise Killer: Kabutack and Robotack were aimed at far younger audiences than the rest of the franchisenote  and caused ratings to plummet with Toei pulling the plug on the franchise.note  As of recent, Toei has been giving the series a second chance with movies, but the franchise will likely be limited to theatrical and DTV movies like the Space Squad movies and some guest appearances on some Super Sentai shows.
  • No Export for You: Arguably hit the hardest by this trope of the "Big 4" Toku franchisesnote , since not only is it not offered legally on any streaming service, but it's also not available on DVD outside of Japan...or that was the case until August 2018, when Discotek Media licensed Kyojuu Tokusou Juspion, with possibly more getting licensed if Juspion does well.
    • Subverted as of April 2020, with episodes of every show but Shaider, Spielban, and Metalder being uploaded to Toei’s new channel. Though availability depends on your region.
  • Old Shame: Kabutack and Robotack appear to be this for Toei now, since not only are those 2 the only shows not to have gotten DVD releases (the former was uploaded by Toei to their youtube channel in 2017, but outside of the crossover the latter had with the former, the latter has been completely ignored), outside of a reference in one of the Super Hero Taihen shortsnote , neither have been referenced at all by any of Toei's other toku works.
  • What Could Have Been: Two in relation to the two adaptations by Saban:
    • Reportedly, there were plans to make a third season of VR Troopers using Blue SWAT, but due to Saban not wanting to alienate the fandomnote , they eventually chose to adapt Juukou B-Fighter and use it (and later, B-Fighter Kabuto) to create Big Bad Beetleborgs.
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    • After the aforementioned Beetleborgs ran out of footage, Saban could've adapted B-Robo Kabutack if they had wanted to finish the series. However, due to how different Kabutack was in comparison to Fighter and Kabuto, Saban decided against doing so.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Metal Heroes Wiki.

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