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  • Complete Monster:
    • Choujinki Metalder: God Neros, also known as Gozo Kirihara and formerly Kunio Muraki, is a truly vile Evil Overlord bent on imposing his twisted will on the world. Originally dismissed from the Metalder project and allowed to be imprisoned in Singapore, he escaped thanks to bribery and changed his face via plastic surgery, building up an empire using stolen mob funds, which masqueraded as a legitimate charity. In order to Take Over the World, Neros focused on mass starvation imposed on whole nations, along with the genocide of humanity; Neros even murdered his former partner Dr. Koga, who had protested against using Metalder for evil purposes. After Shingo Ōgi discovers his secret identity, he brainwashes the man to kill Metalder. When this fails, he plans to blow up his own lair, with most of his minions inside, while he escapes disguised as his lieutenant. When this succeeded, he murdered Metalder's ally Topgunder to torment Ryusei. Having no limits to depravity, Neros tried to force Metalder to do evil, and mentally tortured him before trying to finish him off.
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    • Juukou B-Fighter: Emperor Gaohm is a surprisingly monstrous villain in a rather lighthearted toku. Gaohm treats his people as disposable pawns, even equipping one of his minions with a suicide bomb, while costing many other minions their lives. Gaohm seeks nothing less than genocide of multiple dimensions, and any who aren't killed will simply be enslaved. He has a predilection for taking children of the worlds he attacks and transporting them to be used for slave labor. When pushed too far, he simply decides to kill everything on earth until the B-Fighters stop him.

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