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Trivia / Gekisou Sentai Carranger

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  • Digital Destruction: Most home video releases of the series feature something of a "washed out" look during eyecatches and sequences utilizing heavy video editing/green screen. This is partially because of the dated film stock Toei used at the time, and partially because of the materials on hand being damaged, similar to the infamous Orange Box releases of Dragon Ball Z. While it was mostly edited on film, the final master was put on an analogue tape. Carranger was the first Sentai to suffer this, with the series up til Timeranger also suffering. The silver lining is that, already known to those who bought the Super Sentai V-Cinema & Movie Blu-Ray set, they can be remastered to look the same as the older shows, averting this trope.
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  • Milestone Celebration: The show celebrated the 20th anniversary of Super Sentai, despite not being a full-fledged tribute like Boukenger would be ten years later.
  • The Other Darrin: Radietta is played by Megumi Hamamatsu in #25 and then replaced with Misaki Sudou from #34 and onward. (Naturally, Green Racer lampshades it. "Hey, you've changed.")
  • Prop Recycling: VRV Master's helmet is a modified version of Sol Braver's.
  • Recycled Set / What Could Have Been: There was going to be a MazingerZ-styled enemy called Ballinger Z that Gynamo, Glutch, and Zelmoda were going to pilot (and Hiroshi Otake even said "JAN JA-JAAN" in an ad-lib)... but the production staff realized afterwards that they hadn't gotten permission from Dyanmic Pro to do so. They'd already shot all the in-costume scenes, and in the interests of salvaging something they reused the Ballinger Z's cockpit scenes as Norishiron-Final's; this is why it is wearing a "crown" that greatly resembles Mazinger Z's mouth. However, Hiroshi Otake did get "Norishiron, GO!" in as a Shout-Out, so all was not lost.

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