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Trivia / Gekiganger 3

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  • Defictionalization: Not only is there a real OVA, there's also plenty of real-world merchandise, including soundtracks and a replica of the action figures seen in Nadesico. One collector's edition of Nadesico even comes with a Gekiganger fanbook.
  • No Export for You: For a while, the OVA was the only animated Nadesico-related material that didn't get licensed, however Nozomi Entertainment licensed it along with the Nadesico series and movie in 2011.
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  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: As a reference to Mazinger Z vs. the Great General of Darkness, the movie portion of the OVA's opening credits runs over Gekiganger 3 drawings made by young children. However, a drawing of Ken and Nanako is credited to a 34-year-old man (actually the main character designer of Gekiganger itself).

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