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Trivia / Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist

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  • Creator's Oddball: Series creator Matthew Fernandes’ other shows are CGI cartoons aimed at the preschool demographic, rather than a Flash-animated show made for the typical 6-11 kids’ demographic.
  • Fake Australian: Canadian voice actor Dwayne Hill as the Australian title character.
  • He Also Did: Matthew Fernandes would later go on to establish the animation studio Industrial Brothers, receiving creator credit for most of its series, such as Top Wing, Remy & Boo, Kingdom Force, and Dino Ranch.
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  • International Coproduction: Between Canada's March Entertainment and Australia's SLR Productions.
  • Only So Many Canadian Actors: Many of the voice actors will be extremely familiar to anyone who watches a lot of shows using Toronto-based voice actors, including prominent names like Dwayne Hill and Lyon Smith, as well as Total Drama alumni like Stephanie Anne Mills, and Carter Hayden.
  • Short Run in Peru: Despite being a production between both countries, the series made its debut in Australia in 2008 and didn't come to Canada until 2010, a year after the show had ended.