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Tearjerker / Resident Evil 6

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  • At the beginning of the trailer for RE6, Leon is forced to kill the President of the United States, who has become infected with the C-Virus and turned into a zombie. Keep in mind that he's a personal friend of Leon.
    • Especially when you're one of the people that theorize Leon doesn't have very many close friends. The one friend he had turned into a zombie. This man went through many scenarios where he jumped to kill the once human monsters with no hesitation. In RE2, he averted Not a Zombie as soon as the game began, and yet, when he sees the president turn into a zombie, he can't do anything but breathe heavily, pointing his gun, and say "Stay right where you are" with his voice shaking (yes, this smooth wisecracker at a loss for words). When the president lunges forward, he has to yell "Mr. President!" before a shot rings out. And it's not revealed who the president attacked, or who shot.
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  • Leon being told by Chris that Ada is dead. He's struck silent for a moment, and all he can respond with is a very soft, quiet "Copy."
  • Piers' Heroic Sacrifice, staying behind to give Chris a better chance to escape, knowing he'll likely lose his humanity to the C-Virus soon. Between his look of silent regret and Chris' painfully desperate pleading for him not to go through with it, it's genuinely hard to believe this comes from the same series that gave us the "Jill Sandwich."
  • "No more tears. Not until I've avenged your death."
    • Also, Helena trying to stop Leon and Ada from shooting Mutant!Deborah. Helena is fiercely protective of her sister, and her face when Deborah succumbs to the C-Virus can be heart-wrenching.
      • Plus, Deborah still attempted to help her sister by shoving her away.
  • Deborah's note in the files.
  • Finn's death in Chris's campaign. Especially since he's reaching to grab Chris's hand before becoming a cocoon. You can tell that Chris is pissed.
    • As well as the rest of his team in Edonia. You really didn't know them, but it's hard not to feel sad about watching the entire team die while Chris is powerless to do anything. The result theme does not help at all after the chapter's been beaten.
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    • The difference in attitude in Chris between Edonia and China is pretty disheartening too.
    • To further elaborate, we see Chris is back in the Eastern European bar, quietly eating the same steak dish as Piers. We see a BSAA soldier walking into the bar and his face is kept hidden until he reaches Chris. Chris seems just as disappointed as the viewer when he realizes it's not Piers. Way to twist the knife, Capcom.
    • In chapter 2 of Leon and Helena's campaign, an old man in Tall Oaks Cathedral says that his son, Marco is part of the BSAA and will arrive with the whole army. It will never happen.
      • When he died and you retrieve his C4, it doesn't just say "C4 Explosive", it specifically states that it was Marco's C4 Explosive.
  • The deaths of the first suvivors you meet in Tall Oaks on the Leon and Helena campaign. You can help a father reunite with his daughter just to see her pass away and cry over her body. He eventually succumbs to death himself when her corpse gets back up, mauls him to death and eats him before he has the chance to turn too.
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  • When the virus was released in China. Everyone is walking kind of cheerfully, talking with each other along the way while being watched over by the Americans. Imagine yourself walking among them and all of a sudden, almost everyone around turned into zombies. Many fleeing for their lives, some managed to escape and most of them devoured to death and a lot became zombies themselves.
  • We learn that Sherry Birkin's life has not significantly improved since we last saw her in RE 2. With both of her Mad Scientist parents dead, she spends the rest of her childhood and early adulthood being held by the US government as a test subject. It turns out that the G-Virus was still inside her, despite her being ostensibly cured in RE 2. The only upside of all this is that the G-Virus grants Sherry a Healing Factor.

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