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Tear Jerker / Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

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  • Aaron's final monologue, which ends with Lucario breaking down in tears at the fact that Aaron thought of him as a friend and everything he thought about him was wrong.
  • James' first instinct when being devoured by the Tree's defenses is to release Chimecho (Cacnea was already out from his futile attempt to save Jessie) so his Pokémon wouldn't suffer his fate.
    • The heroes follow his selfless example when they get eaten, as well:
      • Brock saves Forretress and Mudkip
      • May saves Combusken, Squirtle, and Munchlax.
      • Kidd, after fighting the defenses off several times, finally has to save her two Weavile before she's taken
      • Finally, Ash has to call out Phanpy and Swellow (Grovyle and Corphish were already out)
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    • The circumstances of their getting eaten are pretty tragic too. First you have Jessie getting eaten right in front of James, who is unable to save her and even gets a Big "NO!" in as she "dies" before he is eaten as well. Then May gets to see her little brother and Brock get eaten right in front of her, and - again - she gets a brief moment of despair before being taken as well. And finally there's Ash; Pikachu, Grovyle, and Phanpy try desperately to pull him out before he disappears completely.
    • The look on James' face when Jessie is eaten is pretty heartbreaking as well, especially if you're a Rocketshipper. Even if you're not, he just watched his best friend die (from his POV, anyway), and all he can do is just stare at the ground where she was, looking completely devastated.
    • Jessie didn't think to release her Pokémon before she was eaten. She ended up taking Wobbuffet, Seviper, and Dustox with her.
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  • The Pokémon's anguish when they thought they lost their trainers from the Tree Of Beginning's "white blood cells".
  • Ash's final words to Pikachu before getting eaten will feel like a stake in your heart.
    Ash: Pikachu! You can't save me! Just take care of yourself and all the others! I'll miss you, buddy! I love you!
    • And then all of Ash's Pokémon mourning him. Phanpy's is most hearbreaking next to Pikachu. Not even Grovyle could contain his emotions.
  • Mention also has to go to Lucario's NON Disney Death.


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