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Tear Jerker / OFF

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Room shows the Guardians to all be hopeful individuals, who wish to create a better world after it apparently got destroyed. Knowing what they become by the time the game starts...
    • What's worse, you can see how they tried to retain their hopes of creating a better world for Hugo. Dedan promised Hugo pedalo rides, and his office in Alma is the only area of the zone that contains them. Not to mention his fondness of dates and timekeeping probably came from Hugo showing him what day it was from a calendar. Japhet keeps the book that he got on orchids in his library, which he regards as his greatest creation. Enoch wanted to give Hugo sweets, so he created his own element, sugar, to do so.
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  • After beating Zone 2, you can find Judge wandering around the top of the library in the now purified Zone, and he is ACTUALLY meowing out mournfully for his brother Valerie, hoping that his own echoing meows are actually Valerie’s. This poor creature is going through horrible, painful denial, and the Batter doesn’t care at all.
    The Judge: "Have you seen my dear brother?"
  • Both the official and special endings.
    • The credits music; "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Judy Garland plays, from The Wizard of Oz.
    • The special ending also has an extra degree of soul-crushing if you stick around for the credits: you get to see the Judge wandering the three zones you purified, alone.
  • Having played the game to the end makes the battle with the Queen in any subsequent playthroughs a depressing ordeal.
    The Queen: "You don't even know his first name."
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  • A meta example, but someone asked Mortis Ghost if the cat mask that Zacharie wears after Valerie's death was made from his body. And what was his answer?
    Mortis Ghost:' "No, Pablo, Valerie, and Zacharie are best friends. He wouldn't do that to them."
  • Hugo's last words.
    Hugo: "I'm scared... of the dark..."
    • To which the Batter replies, "From now on, there will be no more darkness." Whether you find that bitterly comforting or utterly callous and horrifying depends on how you view the story.
    • His battle theme, a slow and somber rendition of his normal theme.
  • On the OST, you might find Japhet's Battle Theme Music less ominous and more mournful than the other two Guardians. The tearjerker part's at the end, when it hits a tape recording error sound then fades into cheerful birdsong and a bittersweet piano. Knowing Japhet's backstory adds the impact.
  • After you kill Sugar, Zacharie says "...I guess it's better like that." This is FAR from the Fourth Wall Breaking humor brigade guy you've encountered so far. Implying that she was one of the only true friends he had. And you killed her.
    • You could also interpret this as Zacharie knowing what the Batter was going to ultimately do, and considered her dying quickly rather than burning out with the rest of the universe a less painful fate.
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    • Sugar herself can be seen as an incredibly tragic character. When you meet her, she's hiding in the locked room in Zone 0, surrounded by sugar and wondering "why everything's so frightening." Even her laugh has a breathless, frightened tone to it. And then there's her last words:
    Sugar: I'm feeling way too cold... I didn't like that dance... my dear friend. :-( Say goodbye to Zacharie for me...
  • This brief exchange after defeating the queen:
    Queen: Look... he has your eyes...
    Batter: They are full of fear.
    • Pretty much all of their dialogues together, actually.
    Batter: Queen of the flies, it's time to join your disciples. It all went wrong. Time to forget about it and dream sweet dreams.
  • If you subscribe to the theory that Baby Hugo is the son of the Batter and the Queen, his death is extra tragic for several reasons. The world that we explore in OFF is utterly artificial. Liquid water has been replaced by plastic and the land is all metal. The Elsens themselves are implied to be artificial as well, unable to reproduce and seemingly just there to mold the world back into something resembling what it once was. Hugo represents the first hope that humanity in some form will survive the calamity that took place before the beginning of the game, as he seems to have been naturally born.
  • Just the idea that all this time, you thought you were helping the Batter "purify" the world, but then you realize that all this time, you were destroying the world, and killing the only means of the world itself. You could blame the Batter for doing this, but who was controlling his actions? You were.
  • The Elsen in Zone 2 who stand at the other side of the water blocking the way to the park. They disappointedly wonder why it's blocked. "There must be a good reason..."

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