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The music is such a massively integral part of the experience that the game gives you a strong recommendation to turn it on before you begin playing for the first time.

  • Fourteen Residents, the title theme, is a bit chilling yet somber.
  • Both of Empty Warehouse's variations. The exterior version is nice and relaxing, while the interior version has an air of mystery to it.
  • Soft Breeze is a perfect early-game theme that sets up a bit of tension.
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  • Pepper Steak, the main battle theme, is quite silly yet awesome. It also serves as a contrast for how surprisingly dark this game is.
  • Clockwork, which plays in the Postal Service in Zone 1. It has a nice beat with eerie synth in the background, really characterising the monotonous bureaucracy of the place.
  • Flesh Maze Tango, while a bit repetitive, is still a great pre-boss battle track.
  • Fake Orchestra, Dedan's battle theme, plays when he stops messing around and fights you. It's intense enough to let you know that Dedan, being a Guardian, won't be a pushover.
  • All of Zone 2's themes. Some notable members of the bunch:
    • Desperately Safe. It's incredibly beautiful, in a haunting, sad kinda way...
    • The Walls are Listening, the library's theme, which is quite relaxing.
    • The mall's theme, Windows Licking, is surprisingly catchy and upbeat compared to the rest of the Zone's overworld themes.
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    • When an outbreak of Specters happens, Unreasonable Behavior, a more serious piece, kicks in as the Batter gets down to business.
    • Minuit A Fond La Caisse translation , Japhet's theme, which is a very emotionally-charged track. It has a somewhat somber feel to it, which perfectly fits Japhet once you know his backstory.
  • The theme of Zone 3, Burned Bodies, is a somber yet catchy tune that perfectly captures the feel of the zone, while also foreshadowing its dark secret...
  • The Game of the Mortal Fall's theme, Magic Pipe. Also serves as a contrast for the horrors you find at the bottom of the pipe.
  • Enoch's pre-battle theme Front Gate. An incredibly dark tune, which fits Enoch's overpowering presence and his terrifying reveal about the true role of the Guardians.
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  • There's also O Rosto De Um Assassino translation  Enoch's actual battle theme. Intense and chilling, it suits a battle with the humongous enemy that Enoch has become.
  • Not Safe, the purified Zones theme, is 100ccs of creepy straight through the head. A repetitive bell sound mixed with odd noises, loud whispering and the occasional sound of someone banging on metal and muffled cries for help. Perfectly fitting the purified Zones and their absence of life... Save for you and the Secretaries.
  • Brain Plague, with both versions being amazing final level themes. note 
  • Woman of your Dreams, continuing the trend of amazing pre-battle themes. Especially great for the second-to-last boss of the game.
  • The Meaning of His Tears, which is an incredibly tear-jerking battle theme for The Queen. Gets even sadder considering who she's guarding...
  • The final boss theme, Avatar Beat, which could easily be considered your theme, as it plays regardless of whether you side with The Batter or The Judge.