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  • Dummied Out: As the concept art Mortis Ghost has revealed shows, there are many enemies that were not included in the final game (most of them Ghouls), Dedan appeared to have his jacket closed during the fight, and Enoch was apparently originally going to have the Crown of the Dead in his fight similar to how Sugar has her Dummies.
    • It also appears that the Batter was originally going to have his eyes kept entirely in shadow, as opposed to being shown (but always closed) as in the final game.
  • Fan Nickname
    • It's one of those common word titles where everyone types it as "OFF (game)" just to make it clear that's what they're talking about.
    • There's also Bad Batter for whatever the Batter transforms into during the special ending. Justified in that "badbatteur" is the file name of the picture in the game, and "le batteur" is his name in the original French.
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    • Elsen, in reference to the people populating the game world. It's actually just the name of the first area of Zone 1, with no specific name given to the people. Mortis Ghost says they're human.
  • Image Source: Healing Checkpoint
  • Sampling: Pepper Steak has samples from the jazz song of the same name by the Washboard Rhythm Kings.
  • Shrug of God: Mortis Ghost has been known for being quite lax when it comes to fan interpretations of his characters and story, encouraging people to come up with answers on their own.
  • Word of God: Even with Shrug of God in effect above, Mortis has stated that there is a solid underlying story, giving a few details about it.
    • The Batter didn't transform in the Judge's ending; rather, that's how you see him, considering the monstrous things he's done.
    • Zacharie, Sugar, Enoch and the Elsens are confirmed to be humans.
      • The Elsens are all male, as well, and unable to reproduce.
    • Hugo is not only human, but the one who created the Batter and the Queen, who are not human.
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    • Zacharie's cat mask isn't actually made from Valerie's face.
    • Zacharie himself is good friends with the Judge and Valerie.
    • All guardians are able to give Zodiac cards (except Hugo), and the Judge gives you one at the beginning of the game, so therefore the Judge is a guardian as well.
    • When the Batter's profile was created, it was the intention that his eyes were closed under eyebrows, but Mortis Ghost has stated that he finds the "four eyes" theory interesting.
      • Perhaps as a bit of Ascended Fanon, to thank everyone on tumblr for their help in raising funds to fix his toilet Mortis Ghost drew a picture of the Batter with lots of eyes and Zacharie wearing a huge sweater (which is another common fan theory).

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