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Caution - Certain scenes in this game could be immensely shocking to an unwarned public. Or not...
The opening

"I'm the ruler of Zone 1. It ain't nothing without me!"

"I am not a god... I cannot be perfect... Yes, I have sinned, I admit it. But my responsibilities are far beyond those of a mere mortal."

"We are a little like gods, drawing the infinite power of the sun to sculpt our worlds into the nothingness. Ahaha, I love that metaphor. Yes, like gods..."

"Yaaahahaha!!! In the shadow of death valley, you shall fear the apostle of darkness!"

Look... he has your eyes...
They are filled with fear.
The Queen and The Batter respectively

"Escaping from
your purpose
The Batter, the official ending

"Hence nothing remains
for our
The Judge, the special ending

("As the first of four's an important element.")
..."Because without smoke, people would have nothing to breathe."
..."Because without metal, people would have nothing to walk on. They would sink and drown."
..."Because without plastic, the world would have no boundaries. People would walk and walk without ever stopping.
..."Because without meat, people would have nothing to eat. They would die of starvation, one after another."
"It's a secret element...the fifth element...the most important element...Because without sugar, people could no longer bear reality, and they would go mad."
The Elsens throughout different zones, giving exposition on the elements.

"Queen of the flies, it's time to join your disciples. It all went wrong. Time to forget about it and dream sweet dreams."
The Batter

"I’m… scared of the dark…"
"From now on, there will be no more darkness."
Hugo and The Batter respectively

Bis Vincit, Qui Se Vincit In Victoria translation 

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