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Tear Jerker / Monsters vs. Aliens

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  • Susan reached Buffy level Woobie-ness when she arrived at Area 52.
    Susan: I don't want a poster. I want a real kitten, hanging from a real tree. I want to go home.
  • Then there's Link with Insectosaurus as he's shot... "Don't you close those eyes! Don't you dare close those eyes!" and staying with his body from night till dawn.
  • Also B.O.B failing to realize that he, Dr. Cockroach, and Missing Link were all going to be blown up on the alien ship soon after and cheerfully telling them "see you tomorrow for lunch!" Instead of correcting him, the doctor and Link smile and tell him that they'll be having candy, cake, and balloons at that lunch.
  • "We could save every city in the world and they'd still treat us like they've always treated us... like monsters."
  • Susan coming to the sad realization that her husband-to-be turned out to be a selfish jerk. Fairly predictable, given how much he seemed to be into his career since the very beginning, but still.
    Susan: All that talk about "us". "I'm so proud of "us". "Us" just got a job in Fresno. There was never any "us". There was only Derek. Why did I have to get hit by a meteor to see that?!
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  • B.O.B. being told that the Invisible Man is dead and that the others lied to him about the Invisible Man escaping.


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