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  • The fact that Susan is 49-and-a-half feet tall and lives in an extremely enclosed space with the other monsters opens up all sorts of uncomfortable possibilities. Does she ever roll over in her sleep and crush the Missing Link? (I assume both BOB and Dr. Cockroach are immute to extreme pressure). How is the government able to provide enough food for her? Going back to the "enclosed space" thing, how in the world are the other monsters able to put up with her farts? Really! How is her, ahem, "business" disposed of? Shall we move on to 49-and-a-half-foot periods, or shall we start overthinking about Insectosaurus?
    • Rule #1 of giantess stories: those questions should never be asked, unless the author can use them for his story.
    • The same way they solved those problems for Insectosaurus. And if you ask how they solved her problems, money and an insane amount of high end engineering. Where did they get the money? They opened a highly lucrative fertilizer/methane combustion power plant business that funds a good chunk of their expenses. ("When it rains lemons, make lemonade" and all that.)
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    • Each monster has its own living quarters. Susan has her own room, as big for her as a dorm room would be for you and I. Each of the other monsters has a proportionally sized room, and even the big room they have communally isn't "extremely enclosed", as it's... well, really big. Didn't you pay attention to her whole introduction to the facility?
    • They at least lampshade Insectosaurus' waste when Susan upsets him. Link immediately tries to calm him down lest the inevitable flood occurs.
    • Feeding and maintaining a 50-foot woman seems pretty trivial given government resources, far easier than, say, running a zoo. What I always wondered was how they managed to dress her while she was unconscious. Mad Science? Lots of cranes?
      • Yeah, even at her size she probably doesn't need as much food as you might think. At 50ft tall she can probably consume, what, maybe 3 cows per day? The average steer will yield about 350 pounds of meat, so for Susan that's roughly 1050 pounds of food daily. To put that in perspective, the Toronto Zoo requires about 1 to 1.5 metric tons of food per day to feed their animals. Since they only have one giantess to deal with, keeping her fed wouldn't be too much of a problem.

  • I can't possibly be the first person to notice that Insectosaurus looks more like a giant HAMSTER from the advertisements than an insect. What gives?
    • Maybe if he looked too much like an insect, it'd be easy to figure out that he's Mothra?
    • You're definitely not alone in thinking that, and this is from the person who added the Wing Pull entry. I figured suddenly growing wings to be just as unlikely for that very reason, having missed out on it being called Insectosaurus.
      • This troper assumed that the reason it looks like a hamster is because certain insects are covering with hairs thus the giant insect may look very furry.
      • It looks like a hamster because a 350 tall bug that looked like an actual insect would have been horrifying.
      • Why it does "normal" eyes, rather than insect eyes? And also, how did the army knew what it was before it was transformed?
      • Huge, wobbly mammal/reptile/amphibian eyes, buck teeth, a mammal- or (at most) reptile-like nose, a mandible that moves vertically to open? That's not just a red herring, it's a whole freaking herring hatchery that they pulled a Mothra-fish out of.
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    • He's a giant caterpillar. He looks so round partly because he's actually far more round than a real caterpillar. He's far more round maybe because he's overfed, maybe because he's a freakish, mutant, monster caterpillar. Who knows? And in addition to his girth, he also looks round because we only ever see him from one single perspective: the front, and usually below him. Anyone would look round under those conditions. If we had got more aerial shots of him it would have been apparent that he was a caterpillar, but we wouldn't have been able to make out anyone or anything else in those shots.
  • Insectosaurus is obviously a Kaiju-type monster. Where's the usual annoying little kid?

  • Why do they call this movie "Monsters vs. Aliens"? There's only one alien, and an army of his (incredibly stupid) clones. Everything else is either a robot or a supercomputer ripped-off from Dexter and Plankton. Obviously it should have been "Monsters vs. Alien".
    • Rule # 2 of giantess stories: giantess stories have completely random titles.
    • Because it sounds better this way.
      • Honestly YMMV I think that the cloned army is more than enough to justify the final "s" in aliens. If it makes you feel better, the robots are alien robots, from a alien ship.
    • Because Monsters vs. Alien would have been confusing.
    • An army of alien clones is still more than one alien.

  • Anyone else realize that if Susan hadn't tried to run away from the meteor, she would've been perfectly okay?
    • Rule #3 of giantess stories: all decisions/actions that lead to the woman growing MUST be made, no matter how ridiculous/nonsensical they may be.
    • You try thinking rationally when a goddamned meteor is headed straight at you.
      • That's rather my point, actually. The meteor wasn't headed straight at her; it would have overshot her by a considerable distance if she hadn't moved. Point taken, though.
      • Indeed it would have. Of course, Susan's only thought would have been "giant flaming rock, run!"
      • Or "Oh, shi-", and her legs (well, lower consciousness, the bit that sets up the fight-or-flight response, you know what I mean) did the running.
    • If she had stood still or run in the opposite direction, she still would have been the closest person to the meteor. We don't know how the phlebotinum works; maybe it would have made the closest person grow whether she's under it or 50 yards away. Either way, though, that bugs you?
    • Have you realized that if she had done that we wouldn't have a movie? Also, who knows what the phlebotinum would have done if she had not been there to absorb it.
      • Actually, She did try to run but barely and still got hit

  • It kind of bugs me that Dr. Cockroach eats garbage like the other monsters. Even if he can eat trash, he was originally human; you'd think that old habits would have made him turn up his nose at piles full of garbage and ask for regular food so he'd never even have a chance to realize newspaper or whatever else is suddenly tasty to him. And I can't imagine that Monger would have denied him it, when he's a decent guy and knows that Dr. Cockroach was originally human (just like he gave Susan massive amounts of pasta instead of trying to make her chow down on banana peels and coffee grounds).
    • That wasn't "massive amounts of pasta" that she was served in the beginning, it appeared to be just a big pile of sludge.
    • In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, after turning into a giant vermin, Gregor Samsa suddenly finds that he no longer likes his favorite human foods, and prefers old rotten stuff instead. Perhaps it's the same here.
    • I don't remember whether it was stated in film or in the art book, but he turned himself into a cockroach because of their hardiness. So of course he would start eating trash, that's pretty much why he turned into one to begin with.

  • I'm sorry, but you can not get a Ph.D. in dance.
    • Yes you can. NYU, Temple, and Ohio State have them, and that's just the places my cousin is applying to. I'm sure there's more.
      • (original poster) ... Holy ####, you CAN? Color me jealous!
    • Maybe you can't. Dr. Cockroach is simply that awesome.

  • We have a 300-foot insect monster and a 300-foot alien robot. The laws of film state, nay, demand that when two such entities are within several miles of each other, they must roar and punch and slash and wrestle and generally cause chaos and madness. In the movie, Insectosaurus and the Probe just stare at each other with the Golden Gate Bridge between them, Insectosaurus sneezes into the Probe's eye, and then the Probe hypnotizes Insectosaurus. He. Did. NOTHING. To help in that fight. I know it was to let Susan accomplish something and feel better about herself and all, but she could have done that just as easily after the Probe defeated Insectosaurus in battle; heck, she'd feel even more empowered to have beaten something that beat their Big Guy. They could have at least locked limbs together and push-fought each other while Susan and the others did their thing.
    • But Insectosaurus has the mind of a bug, and while he seems to be the Big Damn Hero at first, he is mesmerised by the lighting eye of the robot (that's how all of the other characters move him around too). As for the robot, he isn't interested in Insectosaurus at all, he's only programmed to get Ginormica/Susan because she absorbed the Quantonium.
      • Insectosaurus must have some intelligence, considering it helped the Missing Link cheat at Go Fish against B.O.B. It's at least smart enough to count to three and/or recognize the numbers on cards. Being mesmerized by light is simply the big bug's Weaksauce Weakness, not a sign of mindlessness.
    • Not only that, but Insectosaurus came in from the worst possible angle. There was a bridge full of evacuating civilians between them, with Susan as an intermediary, and they are later joined by their fellow monsters. Apart from B.O.B., Insectosaurus was the only other monster who actually helped Susan in any way (by moving her away from the robot's jaws; B.O.B. helped by removing the dividers, allowing the evacuees to escape from the danger zone and get out of their way).

  • I doubt Susan's life as a giant will be as fulfilling as she expects it to be. Yes, you saved the world from an alien invasion, and while I'm sure that was a lot of fun, how often does that happen? Earthly monster attacks don't seem to be all that frequent either. So the vast majority of her time will be spent in the government facility, doing absolutely nothing, unable to interact without human society without destroying it. A "Five years later" epilogue would have made the ending pretty depressing.
    • After Susan and the other monsters take down Gallaxhar, they are free from the confinement facility; they can do whatever they choose. In the Halloween special, they seem to share some sort of base and fight off crime whenever there's trouble.
    • Alternatively, 1950's Hollywood Radiation from the nukes causes a massive outbreak of monsters (less sane than they) that they have to keep in check.
    • And outside of the freedom they now have, her size doesn't really stop her from all that much. She could still do scientific research (might be easier to in some fields). She could still do physical activities. She can still travel the world. The logistics might be a little more challenging, but certainly nothing completely insurmountable. About the only activities she couldn't do without trouble would be anything that requires actual physical contact with another human being and that's a very small realm. Even something like teaching or going to school could be done via Skype or some such.

  • Why does the Phlebotinum, stated to be the most powerful substance in the universe, not make Susan nearly as large as tiny creatures mutated by regular old earth radiation?
    • You'll note that Susan is as strong as a robot that is as big as said tiny creature turned huge. Though the Phlebotinium doesn't make her as big as those creatures, it does make her stronger.

  • Okay, so besides a bunch of misunderstandings why are the monsters locked up? Could go for a Humans Are Bastards aim but General Monger's a great guy! Besides Derek, Susan's family was just happy to get her back, though they were freaked out by the other monsters. Still...
    • To be fair, apparently most of the monsters have, upon their initial emergence, gone on a rampage. Insectosaurus ate part of Tokyo, B.O.B. ate a bunch of stuff, the Missing Link started kidnapping hot babes on his favourite beach (and fought off a few branches of the military) and Susan (accidentally) nearly crushed her fiance and a number of others to death. Dr. Cockroach is perhaps exempt, but then again, he is a self-described mad scientist, and is shown at one point attempting to construct a nuclear missile out of building blocks. They're probably too dangerous to let out without training or heavy supervision, except in situations where they are supposed to break things.
    • And the Missing Link is emphatically unrepentant about what he did; he's not only proud but he can't wait to do it again.
    • Part of it is the monster's utter dependence on one another not to cause rampant chaos. Insectosaurus is essentially a massive puppy with about the same impulse control, BOB literally lacks a brain, and nearly kills a few people on several different occasions due to it. And Dr. Cockroach...well, he was insane before, and he can only be more insane now.
    • Monger's explanation was pretty much the reason Agent K gives as to why the presence of aliens is covered up in his movie - the public just doesn't want to know and aren't ready to. Also, while Monger was shown to be pretty cool towards the monsters, there's the good chance that it wasn't his decision to keep them locked up.
  • For those who saw the short "Night of the Living Carrots", a direct sequel to the mutant pumpkin special (and only available currently on the 3DS video service)...where the hell was Susan during the zombie-carrot invasion?
  • One thing that's bugged me is how people keep insisting that Insectosaurus is female just because of how he looks (IE: big eyelashes, lips, busty body when he's a butterfly). Insects in general don't follow the conventional means of male/female differences the way humans do. Likewise, it's possible for someone/something to look female but still be male (Which is why the term Dude Looks Like a Lady exists) since gender and sex are not the same thing (Hence why some people view themselves as of the female/male gender, but are of the male/female biological sex). Not to mention that gender/sex means nothing to insects since many species are able to change their sex when necessary.
    • Insectosaurus is a cartoony insect rather than a realistic one. And in cartoon animals, Tertiary Sexual Characteristics normally indicate their sex.
    • I vaguely recall Link or BOB referring to it with female pronouns at some point in the sequel.
  • Besides the fact that it makes for a nice Title Drop, why does Gallaxhar call his army of clones "aliens"? They're not aliens to him, they're the same race as he is.
  • Susan's hair turned from brown to white when she grew into a giantess, obviously as a side effect from absorbing the quantonium-filled meteor. Why didn't her hair turn back to brown when Gallaxhar drained the quantonium from her, turning her to normal size?
    • Hair colour comes from little pigmented flakes along the hair shaft—it's why bleaching hair lightens it, as the pigment is more or less stripped away by the harsh chemicals. The quantonium merely flash-bleached her hair to white, stripping it of its brown colour—when she shrunk down again, the pigment was still gone from her hair and wouldn't be brought back simply by removing the thing that removed it.
    • Also? She probably didn't have ALL the quantonium removed from her system. Just 99.9%...which having white hair shows. It also helps foreshadow that she can't go back to REALLY being normal.
  • Why did most people at the wedding start treating Susan like a monster the first moment she turned into a giant? Hasn't she met and known those people for a time before it happened? I mean, sure, you have to get outside in order to, you know, safely avoid collateral damage, and probably the government, who arrived just before that incident, apprehended those people away from Susan as they are capturing her.
    • Because she was glowing and knocking down the building around them while she was turning into a 50-foot monster. They are not in a situation where calm and rational thought is going to prevail.


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