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Tear Jerker / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run

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  • Johnny's past regarding the death of his older brother Nicolas; he never stopped blaming himself for it where it's most likely not even his fault, and how his father blatantly favored Nicolas over Johnny, years after his brother's death. The latter is made all the more heartbreaking when it's clear that Johnny desperately wanted his father's affection.
    "Ahh...God, you took the wrong son."
  • Diego's backstory, which includes his own mother basically killing herself to make sure he gets fed.
  • In addition to that, the fact that Diego suffered basically the same fate as Dio. Both of them died from being cut in half.
  • Gyro's death. We are treated to a close up on Johnny's visibly heartbroken expression, as well as a flashback to everything that had happened before. Johnny doesn't even scream out his name; everything happened so fast and he was so dumbfounded that he couldn't do anything but watch, teary-eyed and desperate.
    • After killing Funny Valentine, he sees his ghost and the latter gives his farewells. This is followed a by several-page spread of their memories of building a strong bond.
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    • This is one series that constantly averts Real Men Dont Cry often, but this is probably the biggest and best example of this- Gyro's death tears Johnny apart inside, and he spends most of the final conflict with Valentine in tears. This from what was possibly the most stoic JoJo of all (aside from Jotaro and Giorno).


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