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Tear Jerker / Friday The 13th: The Series

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    Season 1 
  • The very first death that hits close to home for anyone—Jack's old friend Jerry in "Faith Healer". Even though Jerry was going to use the cursed glove on him, Jack can't help but be traumatized and distressed over it all, due to the fact that a man he once called a friend had tried to kill him.
    Jerry: Pray for me...Jack...
  • The fate of Abraham's wife in "The Baron's Bride."
  • The death of Jack's Old Flame thanks to the cursed trephinator, and especially his emotional farewell to her at the end of the episode.
    Jack: Well, Vi, now you know if there's anything after. Wait a while, darling...maybe we can be together again...after all...
    • Made all the more heartbreaking with Carrie Snodgress' death in 2004 and Chris Wiggins' death in 2017. Now, they are together again...
  • In "Pipe Dream", Ryan's father Ray (who was using a cursed tobacco pipe) does a Redemption Equals Death Heroic Sacrifice in order to help save his son from said cursed object. Poor Ryan ends up crying in Micki and Jack's arms after the entire ordeal.
    Ryan: Why'd he do it, Jack? Why'd he get mixed up with it? I... I... I don't understand that...
    Jack: The world, you know, Ryan is such a hard thing when a man reaches the upper limits of his life. There's no room to maneuver in it. I... I mean the future is no longer a landscape of possibilities. It's a narrow ledge over a long, dark drop, and that's a hard thing for a proud man. It's a hard thing for anybody.
    Ryan: I didn't know him at all...
    Micki: Yes, Ryan, you did. And in the end, he knew you too.
    Jack: Like Uncle Lewis, he renounced the curse and he paid the consequences, but with one big difference: your father did it for love.
    (as their words sink in, Ryan hugs Micki and breaks down crying)
  • From "What a Mother Wouldn't Do": Mrs. Kent committing suicide in order to become the seventh victim, which will heal her baby with the cursed cradle. Becomes Tears of Joy when we see the baby lived and will be raised by the babysitter who loved her.

    Season 2 
  • Micki's Disney Death in "Tails I Live, Heads You Die". The way Ryan breaks down while holding her body is especially gut-wrenching and realistic, as is how he lashes out at Jack before crying in his arms.
  • From "Master of Disguise": William Pratt, aka Jeff Amory, his mind snapped, crying in Micki's arms after she tells him she still loves him, thinking she is the woman he loved and killed. It's also an In-Universe example for Micki herself.
  • Mrs. Wren, being forced to kill both her husband and son in order to save them from "The Mephisto Ring."
  • "A Friend to the End" has two examples:
    • The Medusa Shard, which a corrupt artist uses to turn her innocent models into stone statues. Which she then sells as her "art", so who knows how many people are unwittingly displaying petrified corpses in their homes.
    • The ending of the episode, which sees Ricky voluntarily dying in order to honor his friendship with J.B. after the latter begs the former to not kill Micki, telling him that friends aren't supposed to hurt one another and that J.B.'s own emotional words convinces Ricky that he can't continue killing in order to live and stay alive via the cursed child coffin.
  • The death of Jack's honorary niece, Grace in "The Maestro", and especially Jack's absolute breakdown afterward.

    Season 3 
  • Ryan's subverted Heroic Sacrifice and being Put on a Bus at the end of "The Prophecies".
    • Also from "The Prophecies", Ryan confessing to the comatose Jack that he killed Sister Adele under Demonic Possession, but doesn't know why or how to free himself. He ends up sobbing on Jack's chest.
    Ryan: You always saved me before, Jack. Why can't you save me now? I need you...
  • The ending of "Crippled Inside" is pretty damn bleak: even if she did go too far in her revenge, having Rachel Horn (the poor paralyzed Attempted Rape victim who was using the cursed wheelchair in order to kill her assailants while reversing her paralysis in the process) being killed along with her attempted rapist is cruel and unfair, and then to twist the knife, the mysterious old man shows up at the end to taunt Johnny on how the artifacts can never be destroyed and that there will always be someone willing to steal and kill for their power. The episode ends with Johnny uselessly battering the wheelchair in a mindless rage.
  • Johnny being forced to kill his resurrected father Vince at the end of "Bad Penny" after finally realizing that it was wrong and selfish of him to bring his dad back from the grave without his own consent. At the very least, Johnny and his dad are able to finally make peace with one another before Johnny has to kill him with the episode's titular cursed artifact. Still, Johnny is left crying as he holds his dad's body in his arms, while Jack and Micki look on from the background.
    • For that matter, poor Micki throughout the episode. The minute the news reporter reveals that the drug dealer killed by the police had the telltale ram's head brand on his forehead, she freaks out and flees the room. Louise Robey does a phenomenal job, whether hyperventilating, crying, hiding in her bedroom, or having traumatic flashbacks and a Heroic BSoD as she faces the prospect of encountering the Coin of Ziocles again. Even with Jack and Johnny's assurances that she's alive now, that they'll protect her, and that she needs to live and not give up or she'll let the coin win, she can't shake the feeling it's come back to finish what it started and claim her again. (And considering the way the zombie cop speaks to her, she might well be right.) The way she describes what it was like to be dead is genuine Nightmare Fuel, and her screams when she's about to be struck dead again are absolutely gut-wrenching. It's such a relief to have Johnny save the day, and for her to wildly beat the zombie dead again with a shovel.
  • The clear trauma Micki is going through at the end of "Mightier Than the Sword": after waking up in a Catapult Nightmare from dreaming she was still under the cursed pen's influence and had slashed Jack's throat, we're left with a shot of her huddled on the bed in his arms, crying.
  • The climax of "Jack-in-the-Box" is quite the wringer. After spending most of the episode using the titular cursed antique to hunt down and kill those who caused her father's death (or anyone who just gets in the way) so as to bring his ghost back to her, Megan Garrett is told she can never be with him again as long as her mother is alive. Since said mother has become verbally abusive and neglectful as well as lost in booze (something common to her father's murderers), the little girl decides to use the jack-in-the-box on her. Then, when his ghost pleads with her, telling her her mother does love her and she needs to keep on living, Megan decides to use the jack-in-the-box on herself so she can join him. Cue a desperate race by Johnny, Micki, and the girl's mother to the pool where it all started, while the ghost continues to plead with her...the others arriving, only to find all the doors locked, and frantically banging on the glass to be let inside...all while Megan continues to sit at the pool's edge and turn the crank that will drown her. Finally Johnny smashes a chair through the door, they rush inside, and the jack-in-the-box lid is slammed shut Just in just enough time for the mother to say goodbye to her husband's ghost, then collapse sobbing with Megan in her arms.