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Tear Jerker / Friday the 13th: The Series

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  • The fate of Abraham's wife in "The Baron's Bride."
  • The death of Jack's Old Flame thanks to the trephanator, and especially his farewell to her at the end of the episode.
    Jack: Well, Vi, now you know if there's anything after. Wait a while, darling...maybe we can be together again...after all...
    • Made all the more heartbreaking with Carrie Snodgress' death in 2004 and Chris Wiggins' death in 2017. Now, they are together again...
  • In "Pipe Dream", Ryan's father (who was using one of the cursed objects) does a Heroic Sacrifice to save his son from said object. Poor Ryan ends up crying in Micki and Jack's arms.
    Ryan: Why'd he do it, Jack? Why'd he get mixed up with it? I... I... I don't understand that...
    Jack: The world, you know, Ryan is such a hard thing when a man reaches the upper limits of his life. There's no room to maneuver in it. I... I mean the future is no longer a landscape of possibilities. It's a narrow ledge over a long, dark drop, and that's a hard thing for a proud man. It's a hard thing for anybody.
    Ryan: I didn't know him at all...
    Micki: Yes, Ryan, you did. And in the end, he knew you too.
    Jack: Like Uncle Lewis, he renounced the curse and he paid the consequences, but with one big difference: your father did it for love.
    (as their words sink in, Ryan hugs Micki and breaks down crying)
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  • From "What a Mother Wouldn't Do": Mrs. Kent committing suicide in order to become the seventh victim, which will heal her baby with the cursed cradle. Becomes Tears of Joy when we see the baby lived and will be raised by the babysitter who loved her.
  • From "Master of Disguise": William Pratt, aka Jeff Amory, his mind snapped, crying in Micki's arms after she tells him she still loves him, thinking she is the woman he loved and killed. It's also an In-Universe example for Micki herself.
  • Mrs. Wren, being forced to kill both her husband and son to save them from "The Mephisto Ring."
  • The death of Jack's honorary niece, Grace in "The Maestro", and especially Jack's absolute breakdown afterward.
  • Johnny being forced to kill his resurrected father at the end of "Bad Penny" after finally realizing that it was wrong and selfish of him to bring his dad back from the grave without his own consent. At the very least, Johnny and his dad are able to finally make peace with one another before Johnny has to kill him with the episode's titular cursed artifact and that Johnny himself ends up crying emotionally as he holds his dad's body in his arms while Jack and Micki look on from the background.
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  • Micki's Disney Death in "Tails I Live, Heads You Die". The way Ryan breaks down while holding her body is especially gut-wrenching and realistic, as is how he lashes out at Jack before crying in his arms.
  • Ryan's subverted Heroic Sacrifice and being Put on a Bus at the end of "The Prophecies".


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