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Tear Jerker / Friday Night Lights

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     The Film 
  • Boobie's injury. In most other films, it would feel cliché and probably only be used to set up some final tension for the game. Here, it is absolutely devastating to watch as he slowly realizes his dreams are gone forever (the scene where he has to clean out his locker is almost unbearable). The truly devastating part is that Boobie was a skilled and talented running-back who was able to carry the team through several tough patches just by getting the ball. But then he decided to disobey his doctor and suit up before he was fully healed... and reality caught up to him.
  • The state championship game's final play. It averts Underdogs Never Lose by having the quarterback come up just a few inches short of the goal line. Afterwards, he breaks down in tears while his teammates look on in Stunned Silence.

    The Series 
  • Matt leaving his first date with Julie to help his grandmother; he pretends to be his grandfather and sings "Mr. Sandman" to get his grandmother out of the closet. Combined with Heartwarming Moments.
  • "Everybody leaves me! What's wrong with me?"
  • Matt's reaction to his dad's death.
  • Tim's sacrifice for his brother: taking full blame for his brother's crimes and going to jail to Billy can stay home and provide for his family.
  • Coach telling Tim that Jason's injury was not his fault and that Tim needs to stop blaming himself.
    Eric: What happened to Jason Street was no one's fault, this is football, things happen. It was an accident, you understand me?
    Tim: (breaking down in tears) I didn't even try, Coach. I didn't even try....
    Eric: Look, you were on the other side of the field, it wouldn't have mattered. It was an accident. It was not your fault. Look at me, I want you to let yourself off the hook, son. I want you to let yourself off the hook.
    Tim: (Tearfully) Yes, sir.
    Eric: Be smart.
    Tim: (Relieved) Yes, sir.
  • Smash going back to his hometown and visiting his dad's grave.