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Tear Jerker / Edward Scissorhands

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  • Danny Elfman's music alone is tear jerking.
  • The moment where Kim realizes the situation looks so bad that the mob of suburbanites will be too angry to reason with, and half-whispers "Run." Heartbreaking.
  • "Hold me." "... I can't."
  • The ending, from Danny Elfman's Awesome Music to the final lines of dialogue.
  • The scenes with Vincent Price. This was one of his last performances, and though he was pretty ill and frail when filming, he gave it his all. For a guy who did mostly science fiction and horror b-movies, he was dead serious about putting everything he had into his characters, and this movie is a very dignified final appearance for him.
    • The Reality Subtext goes further. Price was basically Tim Burton's idol as he was growing up, so the fact that Price not only appeared in his film but did a wonderfully heartbreaking job while nearing the end of his life makes it all the more lovely.
    • "He didn't wake up."
    • And then the scene where Edward accidentally cuts his hands apart as the inventor crumples to the floor.
    • "I know it's a little early for Christmas Edward but... I have a present for you."
    • That...last little smile The Inventor gives as Edward looks at his present can hit anybody hard, especially remembering this was Price's final performance. The smile even looks like the ones Price would give in his heyday.
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  • At the very end, Kim kissing Edward and telling him she loves him before they separate forever. The reaction shot of Edward's eyes upon her confession is what really seals it.
  • The saddest thing of all is that Peg was the one who took Edward from the mansion, showed him the outside world, and treated him like a son. The last she hears of him is her daughter telling everyone he died. She must have felt horrible.

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