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Awesome / Edward Scissorhands

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  • After having spent the entire film very cautious of his scissors and the narrative using them for (mostly) comedic purpose, it's a mixture of this and Nightmare Fuel when Edward for the first time intentionally uses them to hurt someone by killing Jim. And dear lord is it satisfying.
  • Kim gets one in the climax too:
    Kim: (holding one of Edward's fallen scissors to Jim's throat) Stop it, or I'll kill you myself!
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  • In a meta sense, the scissor hands themselves. After watching the film, you'll know why Stan Winston got a credit in the opening titles.
  • Edward, in his destructive rampage, stops by fundamentalist Esmeralda's house and trims her bushes into a grinning devil in her window after she had been accusing him of Satanic allegiance for the whole film.

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