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  • Davey spilling a tray of fries so that they read "BITE ME'' when they fall onto the table.
  • Davey giving the entire town a pretty impressive Shaming the Mob speech in song to make them realize how horribly they treated Whitey.
    • He even gets Mr. Chang (who before the song was celebrating that Davey was going to jail) to join him in calling out the town.
    Mr. Chang (singing): How could you all be so mean to Whitey!
    Townsfolk: hanging their heads in shame
    Mr. Chang: Sound to me like you're all on crack!
    Homeless bum: Huh?!
    • Jennifer standing up for Davey, which not only saves him from a ten-year jail sentence but it also allows him to express how much Whitey's hard work and effort means for the town.
    Jennifer: Let the guy talk! After all, it is the holidays.
  • Adam Sandler himself gets some awesomeness points for the song "Technical Foul." Whether or not you like Whitey's voice or even the song itself, there's something to be said about the fact that he's singing a trio by himself as three distinct characters! Especially the bridge, where Davey, Eleanore and Whitey do a point-counterpoint.

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