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Fridge Horror

  • What happened to the corpse of Edward's "father"? Given Edward's personality, it's obvious that he wouldn't know about death, so he couldn't have known to bury his "father". Are we supposed to assume that the scientist's body just decomposed while Edward watched?
    • It's possible that the inventor did teach Edward about burials before dying, if only through poems. This leads to the question of how a guy with blades for fingers managed to dig a hole and put his "father's" body in there? The poor guy would be in bits!
  • Considering how the ending showed that Edward doesn't age, is he doomed to live alone in the mansion for all eternity? Better not think about it...

Fridge Logic/Plot Hole

  • Edward's nature has spurred on a few questions (eating, for instance, and then there's the question of where he got the ice at the end.)
  • To say nothing of how he wiped his ass (he did eat, after all) or masturbated.
    • There is a way to do both without hands. Don't ask how. But there is a way.
    • And here I was thinking maybe he didn't really need to, being a robot/homunculus/artificial human.
      • He was up there in that castle alone for God knows how long—he didn't exactly make weekly trips to the Shop 'N' Save. I assumed the first time he ever ate was at the Boggs' house, and he really only did it because it seemed to be expected of him by the family.
      • Maybe his pants don't come off. (Hopefully in conjunction with not needing to use the parts down there for anything, because the alternative would be really gross.)
      • There is no reason for a robot to have working sexual parts, and he doesn't need to eat, so he can probably just spit the stuff out later...
      • Maybe there are no parts down there. Just more scissors...
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    • Speaking of which, why in the world would anyone put scissor blades on their creation's hands in the first place?
      • He started out as a (presumably mindless) robot who just cut things. The inventor decided to make that particular robot into a human/humanoid android, but died before he could give him the hands.
      • But the hands the Inventor shows him just before he has a heart attack wouldn't even FIT over the scissors! He'd have to severely pare the blades down, and blunt them, before those hands would go on...
      • Or maybe, just a shot in the dark here, remove the scissors entirely so that the poor bastard can have normal hands.
      • Given that our hands are the primary method through which humans interact with the world around them, one would think the scientist would have prioritized installing them over, say, teaching poetry? That's not even questioning why he didn't at least cut down the scissors and blunt them a bit. Perfect they would not be, but better than those freaking swords he had on each finger.
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    • If the Inventor could create an artificial human who doesn't need to eat, he well could create a machine that made ice out of air.
      • Maybe he has a giant refrigerator/freezer that he makes the ice in. And maybe that's where the scientist's body is...
  • The film looks to be a fable about how the snow appears. This makes Edward a partly folk-legend creation who causes the snow.

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