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  • Edward in the car with Peg. He's so excited by all the new sights that he does things like point out something to Peg - who is startled by his hands suddenly shooting into her line of vision - and trying to stick his head out the window but hitting it on the edge of the car door.
  • Peg's efforts to use Avon products to hide Edward's scars. Most notably the "hint of lavender" that turns his face purple.
  • Virtually every line delivered by Bill Boggs. His chirpy "Hey Edward, where are you going?" near the film's climax in particular.
  • Edward casually mentioning over dinner how Joyce attempted to seduce him. The entire family (save for Bill) does a double-take.
    "We looked at where the salon is going to be. There's a place where you can have a make-up stand. And then she showed me the back room, where she took all her clothes off."
    • Made funnier by Bill not even noticing and continuing to ramble on about the pleasures of owning your own business.
  • The barbecue scene qualifies—especially the shish kebab scene.
    Bill: (checking the kebab) Okay, soup's on!
    Edward: (mouth full) I thought it was shish kebab.
    Bill: Huh?
    Edward: I thought it was shish kebab.
    Bill: It is shish kebab. It [the expression "soup's on"] was a figure of speech.
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  • The old inventor's attempts to teach Edward social etiquette being foiled by how dull it is, the inventor seemingly agreeing with an "Mmm, yes - bor-ing." before the two delve into some poetry.
  • Edward has a bit of trouble adjusting to Kim's water bed.
    • Leading up to when Kim first sees him in her water bed in her mirror. Sure, it was frightening for her, but her shrieks and Edward's reaction, and even the damage done to the water bed are all hilarious!
  • After the hair-cutting scene, one woman spends the rest of the movie with her hair in a rectangular shape.
  • The show and tell scene, especially when Edward briefly does an Ass-Kicking Pose with his hands.
  • Kevin complains about how boring it is to play "rock-paper-scissors" with Edward.
  • A dark one towards the end. When Esmeralda hears something outside, she pulls back the curtains and sees a devil-shaped topiary with Christmas lights for eyes and teeth. Her over-the-top reaction makes for some much-needed Bathos.

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