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Splittermond is a German pen-and-paper Tabletop RPG system in the tradition of Dungeons & Dragons, published by the Uhrwerk Verlag. It is set in a medieval-style world full of swords, magic, mystery, and danger.

Splittermond contains examples of:

  • Beast Man: Splittermond has several of those, with the most prominent example being Vargs and Rattlings. While Vargs are wolf men who are one of the 5 playable species, rattlings are a very common and heavily discriminated against species.
  • Combatant Cooldown System: Splittermond uses a Visual Initiative Queue in combat, subdivided into 30 "tics", with player and non-player characters' tokens placed onto it in order of Action Initiative (lower initiative is better, since it lets you act first). The character on the lowest "tic" field acts first, then their token is moved clockwise by as many tics as indicated by the rules governing their action (e.g. simple movement or a dagger attack are worth 5 tics, while a two-handed swing can cost as much as 12), wrapping around at 30. The character with the new lowest initiative acts next, and so on, until the encounter is resolved.
  • Everyone Is a Super: While most normal people are not capeable of outstanding feats, everyone in Lorakis is able to use magic, not only in special situations but very often for Mundane Utility as well.
  • God-Emperor: Empress Myuriko from Kintai is a literal example, as she is the actual goddess of perfection and rules Kintai together with her Husband, who happens to be her high priest.
  • Immune to Fate: This is what the School of Fate revolves around. It provides the characters with several spells that can help them to turn things to their advantage, but the really powerfull spells are very difficult to learn.
  • Magic A Is Magic A: While pretty much everyone on Lorakis can use magic, said magic has clear rules regarding what it can and can't do. On top of that the spells are classified in several schools of magic (Protection, Fire, Light...)
  • Our Angels Are Different: Strictly speaking, there are no demons or angels in the usual sense in Splittermond, but the Gods use servants from their plane to punish, reward etc. mortals, if they are more like demons or angels depends on the gods and what said god uses them for.
  • Our Orcs Are Different: While the Orcs of Loracis have some similarities to tolkienesque Orcs, like being Always Chaotic Evil and in their appearance, they are far closer to insects in that they they are born by a queen who creates different orcs specifically for different jobs, those are quite different in intelligence, strength and appearance. On top of that, they hate everything that is not orcish and if they are in a place for a certain time, flora and fauna themselves become more orc-like. In fact they come from the fairy lands, but where kicked out by the other fairies long time ago.
  • Portal Network: Lorakis, a continent that is as big as Asia and Europe combined, has eleven so-called moon portals, that can be used as shortcuts do get from one end of Lorakis to another in a matter of days instead of well over a year. Two of these portals are connected by a path through the fairy world with five pathways overall, each opens for roughly a week per month. While these pathways are much shorter then what you would have to travel in the mortal world, they can also be quite dangerous as hostile fairies will try to lure you away from those paths to make you lose your way in the fairy world or the pathways themselves are dangerous. One of them is filled with dangerous monsters, while another is the ultimate survival experience. Only the Path connecting the empires of Selenia and Kintai is rather safe. The portal guild provides, against a reasonable fee, travellers with trustworthy guides that help people to travel between the portals in a safe way.
  • Precursors: The Draconids ruled almost all of Lorakis until 1000 years ago and kept the other species as their slave races. But when one of the moons broke apart, a magical disaster happened, which led to the extinction of the Draconids. Today you can find, especially in Selenia and the surrounding countries, many old ruins and artifacts which are still in working condition and very valuable. Many towns and cities in those areas are build around those ruins.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change!: Every shard bearer is able to manipulate fate around him to a certain degree, this ability grows as the character becomes more experienced.