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Characters / Splittermond

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A list of the many characters appearing in Splittermond

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    The Empire of Kintai 
Kintai is the biggest and most influential Empire on the eastern half of Lorakis, it is hevaily influenced by medival China and is through a moon gate connected to the Empire of Selenia.


The God-Empress of Kintai and Godess of Perfection, War and Politics.
  • Emotion Suppression: Myuriko radiates an effect several kilometers around her that supresses all emotions that would make people want to violate her principles, especially perfection, but nobody is forced to stay and people can leave if they want to. As a result the entire capital is utterly devoted to perfection and unforseen things are extremely rare. It is not clear if Myuriko does this on purpose or if this is a case of Power Incontinence.
  • God-Emperor: A literal version of this Trope, because unlike the other gods directly on Lorakis to rule her own Empire.
  • Lady of War: For a Godess of War, this is a given.

    The Empire of Selenia 
The empire of Selenia is on the western side of Lorakis and with its fifty years still very young for an empire. It is in the image of the classic western fantasy empires and inspired by the holy roman empire of the german nation. A Moon Gate in its capital connects it to the Empire of Kintai

Selenius III.

The Emperor of the Empire of Selenia
  • 100% Adoration Rating: While his father, Selenius II. was liked and respected by the population, his people adore the young emperor.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: Somewhat downplayed since he was already 13 when he took the throne but it still applies and forced him to grow up very fast.
  • Handicapped Badass: While he has a stiff leg since birth, which he and the people close to him including his mother try to hide, he is still very capeable of maneuvering royal politics and is a decent sword fighter and a great marksman. At the same time it doubles as a Dream-Crushing Handicap as it prevents him from ever becoming a masterful swordfighter.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: For someone in his early teenage years, Selenius III. is a Reasonable Authority Figure in his own right and earned his reputation among his people.