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Shout Out / Ow, my sanity

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Ow, my sanity features a ridiculous number Shout Outs, many to H. P. Lovecraft and things related to his works.

Anime and Manga

  • The webcomic name itself is a reference to Ah! My Goddess, and riffs on its central plot.


  • Some of the many Lovecraft references include:
    • Nice statues you've got there.
    • Mmm...let's buy a shirt with the mark of Hastur on it. Maybe someone will say its name three times.
    • David knows better than to buy a house in Dunwich. Smart man.
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    • Let's go see The King in Yellow: a comedy in four parts.
    • Dave and Nancy's new house previously belonged to William Dyer.
    • The Elder Things who wonder how Dave got into Phase Space mention how he reminds them of Randolph Carter.
    • Most people David knows have the last names of Lovecraft characters. Nobody called West yet, though.

Live-Action TV


Tabletop Games

  • Along with the Ah! My Goddess reference, the comic's name is a nod to Sanity being a statistic in the Call of Cthulhu RPG, which Delta Green is a campaign setting for.
  • This strip likely foreshadows Karotechia involvement in the series as well. Karotechia, a faction in Delta Green, is the bare remnants of Hitler's occult program hiding out in South America.