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Jukka: When you're old you don't want to be thinking about the things you didn't do.

Jarppi: Yeah but you want to be thinking about the things you DID do, that's what The Dudesons is all about.

Jarppi: When I live my life the way I live it, I'M ON FIRE!

The Dudesons is a live action reality/comedy show documenting the life of four finnish "stuntmen", for the lack of a better term. The average day consists of crazy pranks, stunts and jokes. Originally, the series was called Extreme Duudsonit and was in finnish. Their english-spoken series The Dudesons premiered in 2006.

In 2010, The Dudesons starred in a new series, dubbed The Dudesons in America and was produced by none other than Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine alongside Rabbit Films, the Dudesons original production company, owned by themselves.

The Dudesons stunt group consists of Jarppi Leppälä, Jukka Hilden, Jarno Laasala and Hannu-Pekka "HP" Parviainen There is also a fifth member, Britney. The Dudesons' pet pig who unfortunately passed away 2012.


The Dudesons contains examples of:

  • Amusing Injuries: Too many to name, but one of the most notable are probably Jukka being dragged across asphalt after falling trying to hold on to a speeding motorbike.
    • As if that wasn't enough, he immediately tries to wheelie a quad afterwards, but falls over and scrapes his back.
  • Barbarian Longhair: Jarppi, Jukka and HP. Jarno used to be this, but cut his hair short sometime during the first season.
  • Big Bad: Mr. Hitler, who used to pick on the Dudesons while they were growing up. The Dudesons got their revenge by taking a dump in his mailbox and digging a hole in his driveway causing him to crash his car.
    • They got even more even in season 2, when they hosed him and his house down with a septic truck.
  • Butt-Monkey: Every Dudeson is this, after all the pranks they've fallen victims to over the years. Including, but not limited to:
    • Being set on fire while asleep.
    • Getting sprayed with Tabasco sauce up your rear while taking a dump.
    • Getting hit in the testicles with a baseball bat.
      • And so on so forth.
  • Catchphrase: Jarppi's is "Two thumbs up!" Referring to the fact that he is missing his right thumb.
  • Five-Man Band: Jarppi, Jukka, Jarno, HP and Britney(even though he's more of the team pet).
  • Groin Attack: One of the Dudesons' favorite activities.
    • In one of their promos featuring Johnny Knoxville, Jarppi jumps on a seesaw which swings up and hits Jukka right in the balls.
Johnny Knoxville: This looks like such a bad idea!
  • Handicapped Badass: Jarppi is missing his right thumb.
    • No one knows how he lost it, so far he's claimed following:
      • He accidentally cut it off with a power tool.
      • He lost it in a failed motorcycle stunt.
      • He lost it while fighting a bear.
      • He used to suck his thumb, and it eventually fell off.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: After Jukka is dragged behind the motorcycle, he just shrugs it off and walks away.
Jukka: I think i tripped a little bit!
  • Man on Fire: One of the most famous Dudesons pranks is Jukka and Jarppi waking Jarno up by setting him on fire.
    • This results in Jarno chasing Jukka and Jarppi with a chainsaw.
    • Another stunt involved HP running down the "catwalk of fire".
    • Yet another stunt features Jarppi being blasted by a flamethrower, resulting in his hoodie catching fire and having him roll in a puddle to extinguish it.
    • In The Fire Barber Jukka lights Jarno's hair on fire.
  • Metal Head: Mostly Jukka, but also the others to a certain extent. Nearly every episode has at least one of the throw up the "horns".
  • Powder Gag: In one episode, Jukka sprayed a crapping Jarppi with a fire extinguisher, resulting in a very white Jarppi.
    • Another time, at a rock festival, Jarppi woke the gang up by emptying a fire extinguisher inside their tent. Resulting in them emerging from a big white powder cloud.
  • Team Pet: Britney.
  • The Lancer: Jukka.
  • The Leader: Jarppi.
  • The Quiet One: HP.
  • The Smart Guy: Jarno.
  • Hidden Depths: Most of the Dudesons : Jukka is a Special Operation Paratrooper in the Finnish Defence Force (Due to Finland's compulsory military service), Jarppi is Jarppi, HP's an Outdoor Education teacher and Jarno (Who's also the official CEO of Rabbit Films) has a completed Masters of Science Degree
    • Up to Eleven: In the Dudesons Home Invasion Spin-Off series they go around helping families with their own unorthodox methods. Despite all the mayhem they cause they genuenly want to help all the people they meet during the series, and even claiming it is their best show to date.

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