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Las Fierbinți is a Romanian sitcom that premiered in 2012 on ProTV. The series follows the lives of the villagers in the town of Fierbinți-Târg, among them:

  • Giani Orlando (Constantin Diță), a former expat who used to live in Italy;
  • Bobiță (Mihai Bobonete), the bartender of Fierbinți and Giani's best friend;
  • Dorel (Mihai Rait Dragomir), Bobiță's autistic brother;
  • Celentano (Adrian Văncică), the village drunk;
  • Firicel a lu' Cimpoaie (Cuzin Toma), Celentano's best friend;
  • Robert "Robi" Doroftei (Leonid Doni), the chief constable and local cop of Fierbinți;
  • Mitică Coman (Radu Gabriel), the former mayor of Firbinți;
  • Vasile Pleșcan(Gheorghe Ifrim), the former vice mayor and current mayor of Fierbinți;
  • Dalida (Ecaterina Ladin), the mayor's secretary and Vasile's best friend;
  • Gianina (Anca Dumitra), Mitică's teenage daughter;
  • Aspirina (Mirela Oprișor), the village whore;
  • Ardiles (Mihai Mărgineanu), the singer who "observes" each episode, starting and ending it with a song;
  • Brânzoi (Ion Ionuț Ciocia), the most hardworking man in Fierbinți.and
  • Nicu Rață (Marius Chivu), The only Taxi driver of Fierbinți and Brânzoi's best friend.
The show is a satire of Romanian village life as a whole.

Las Fierbinți contains examples of:

  • Addictive Foreign Soap Opera: Aspirina is a big fan of foreign soap operas.
  • The Alcoholic: Celentano. He drinks so much that in "The Turk" he discovers for the first time that plums are actually edible and not just used to make alcohol. Firicel also loves to drink, but not to the extent of Celentano.
  • Animorphism: The King of Spain that "The Bear" is looking for can change into various animals such as a pigeon, a bear and a rooster
  • Bad Cop/Incompetent Cop: Robi is both corrupt and incompetent
  • Bears Are Bad News: The A plot of "The Bear" is about Giani, who gets scared by a bear. He tries informing Rață about it, but he won't listen and thinks Giani is just seeing things, until Giani takes him to the bear. They spend the rest of the episode in hiding while the bear keeps stealing things from the car, and they try to find a way to catch it. In the next episode it's revealed that the "Bear" was actually just a madman in a suit who thinks he is the King of Romania and is looking for the shape-shifting King of Spain.
  • Bizarre Taste in Food: In "Armed Robbery part 2" after Giani, Bobiță and Dorel opened a pizzeria in the previous episode, Dorel makes "Corn Pizza" which quickly became popular with the villagers.
  • Catchphrase: Firicel and Celentano have "Bă ej nebun?, Bă ej prost?" (Yo r u crazy?, Yo r u stupid?)
  • Christmas Episode: Three of the season finales were Christmas Specials.
  • Cryptid Episode: In "Chupacabra" the priest's wood is stolen by Bobiță and his friends. He recruits Celentano and they disguise themselves as beasts from the woods in order to scare them away. Afterwards, the villagers report what they saw to Vasile, while Dalida tells the press, who come to Fierbinți to interview the villagers. Afterwards, everyone concludes that the "Creatures" were Chupacabras.
  • Corrupt Church: The local priest is corrupt. The Church as a whole is also portrayed like that.
  • Corrupt Politician: Both Mitică and Vasile are corrupt. However, Mr. Dragu is even more so, as he is a parody of Liviu Dragnea, one of the most corrupt politicians in Romania.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: In "The Swedish Girls" Giani is left in charge for a little at Bobiță's bar. Afterwards an old woman curses him because she didn't like the drink he served her.
  • Expy Coexistence: Brânzoi and Rață are similar in many ways to Giani and Bobiță.
  • Fatand Skinny: Bobiță (fat) to Giani (skinny); Celentano (fat) to Firicel (skinny); Rață (fat) to Brânzoi (skinny)
  • Fictional Sport: Gianiball. A sport made up by Giani in the 2 parter with the same name. The sport consists of a player throwing a football, and the other player hitting the football with a tennis racket.
  • The Food Poisoning Incident: In "Armed Robbery Part 2" It's revealed that the "corn" Dorel put on the pizza was actually rat poison which caused the villagers to get food poisoning.
    • In another episode Celentano accidentaly gives Firicel food poisoning after mistaking the rat poison for rice
  • Multi-Part Episode:
    • Season 4 has three two-parters: "Aspirina is Pregnant", "Dalida Mayor" and "Giani and his Family".
    • Season 5 has "Ardiles in Love".
    • Season 6 has "The Millionaire", "Illuminati" and "The Bar, The Joke and The Crook".
    • All of the episodes in Season 7 and 9 are two-parters.
    • With a few exceptions, most of the episodes in seasons 8, 10, 11, and 14 consist of two parts.
    • Season 12 has "The Chicken Pox", "The Astronaut", "Mother Nature", "The Intelligence Test" and "1 Leu".
    • Season 13 has "The Logan Knights", "The Tuft Without a Gift", "The Bike Thief", "The Vampire Hunter", "Goluța and the Monkey", "Cinderella", "Alfredo", "Full HD", "The Șmecherez" and "Cool, Bro!".
  • The Mafia: Appears in "The Mobster", in which one of them chases Giani. When the mobster catches him, Giani thinks he is in trouble, but it turns out the Mafia boss simply wants to thank him.
  • Mistaken Nationality: In "The Turk", the titular character was transporting some immigrants in his truck. At first the villagers assume they are Middle Easters or North Africans; turns out they were actually Albanians.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: In "the Bear" Rață claims that the titular bear is actually a Vampire Bear.
    • One episode had an internet user who's username was "Zombiu_Samuraiu_1979" which literally translates to "The Zombie_The Samurai_1979"
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Mr. Dragu from the two-parter "Goluța and the Monkey" is a blatant parody of Liviu Dragnea, the former leader of the Social Democrat Party
  • Not Me This Time: In one episode all the cattle are stolen by a group of crooks pretending to be vets. Everyone however blames Ardiles for it
    • In another episode Firicel and Celentano steal Brânzoi's sausages and Ardiles gets the blame once again
  • Phrase Catcher: The villagers will sometimes ask Bobiță "Da' ce-ai făcut Bobiță?" (But what did you do Bobiță?).
  • Putting on the Reich: In one episode Vasile has a dream where he installs a dictatorship over Fierbinți complete with Nazi uniforms and "Horst Wessel Lied" played on loudspeakers
  • Rabble Rouser: Bobiță and Giani in "the Election". They convinced the villagers to rise up against Mitică in favor of Vasile.
  • Really Gets Around: Aspirina. She is the village whore and has had sex with many men.
  • Rhymes on a Dime:In the aformentioned episode Vasile forces everyone to speak only in rhymes
  • Sexy Scandinavian: One episode features a group of Swedish girls who had to spend the night in Fierbinți after their coach broke down. As you might expect, they turn out to be nymphomaniacs.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: Ardiles and Rață use shotguns to carry out their heist in "Armed Robbery part 2".
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: In some episodes the Side plot which focuses on Firicel and Celentano takes up more screentime than the main plot. "The Mobster" and "The Parrot" are prime examples.
  • Sticky Fingers: Ardiles is a kleptomaniac, but the villagers are so used to his antics that nobody tries to stop him.
  • Supreme Chef: Dorel becomes one in "Armed Robbery part 1" were he started watching cooking shows as a substitute for porn (which was deleted by his brother) and learned all the recipes by heart. This was later exploited by Giani and Bobiță who together with Dorel opened a pizzeria.
  • Take That!: The show is a satire of Romanian village life and Romania in general.
  • The Taxi: Nicu Rață is the only Taxi driver in the whole village.