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Series / The Cape (1996)

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This series deals with the day-to-day life in NASA in The Ninetees. Since the abbreviation stands not just for the Space Administration, but for Areonautics as well, you can expect lots of gratituous shots of space shuttles, satelites, but some jets as well. And lots and lots of training sequences.

It was cancelled after the first series.

Has nothing to do with the dress of the superhero nor with the vigilante show.

List of main characters:

  • Col. Henry "Bull" Eckert (Corbin Bernsen) -
  • Major Jack Riles (Adam Baldwin)
  • Capt. Ezekiel 'Zeke' Beaumont, ASCAN (Cameron Bancroft)
  • Comm. Tamara St. James (Tyra Ferrel)
  • Major Reginald Warren (Bobby Hossea) - the instructor of the astronauts in training, wants to go up badly but was skipped over several times.
  • DB Woods (David Kelsey) - trainie. His father was an astronaut as well.
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  • Andrea Wylie (Andrea Wylie) - Spokeswoman of NASA.
  • Lt. Comm. Barbara De Santos (Bobbie Phillips) - trainie. Has a thing for Reg Warren
  • Peter Engel (Chad Willet) - another trainie/astronaut candidate. A former teacher.

Created by: George Zaloom & Kary Antholis

The show was made with the contribution of Buzz Aldrin who served as a technical advisor.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.

This show provides examples of:

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes As of 6/2016, there is no release on DVD, Blu-Ray or VOD.
  • Married to the Job Col. Eckert. Spends so much time dealing with various crises his wife leaves him as a result. She has even came to his office only to be told to wait while he was needed elsewhere.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat - NASA has to persuade various groups of people (not only senators, but even the scientists etc.) about its usefulness. Then again, when there is a major crisis (like the radioactive russian satelite with rapidly deteriorating orbit in the pilot), there is no one better...
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  • The Place
  • Training Montage Averted, actually. The episodes consist of about 1/3 of training, 1/3 of lazying in the local bar and 1/3 of the actual mission.

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