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Syndicated teen-oriented Game Show where, in the grand tradition of Video Village and The Mad Dash, three teenagers played a life-sized board game hoping to win prizes. Players consulted the Magic 8-Ball to learn their category (and in the case of 2 of them, how many moves they could earn), of which there were four in all:

  • Decision - correctly guess how a jury of audience members (the Peer Group) will appraise An Aesop, often involving peer pressure
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  • Odd Job - a physical challenge.
  • Fast Track - a tougher physical challenge worth eight spaces.
  • Temptation - take a prize and move back two spaces, or pass to advance two.

Failure resulted in going back two spaces. Much like an actual board game, there were also bonus spaces that made the player go back or forward additional spaces. After every cycle of players was a "Pop Quiz" question, which was worth three spaces (and required running to the buzzer).

At the end of the game, the top two contestants advanced to the Pressure Cooker Bonus Round (which was basically a first-to-three version of the Decision questions), while the last-place finisher had to give out food to the Studio Audience. No, seriously.

Peer Pressure ran for three seasons from 1997-99. Well, sort of:

  • The "second" season was just repackaged reruns of the first, except that the Magic 8-Ball was edited out (most likely for trademark reasons) and there was now Pop Up Video style DVD Commentary too. We'd say it was Edited for Syndication, if it wasn't already syndicated to begin with...
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  • The "third" season was the same repackaged reruns with even more obtrusive editing: the show was renamed Pressure 2 to go along with an In Name Only Spin-Off, Pressure 1, and every use of the word "Peer" when referring to the title on-air was awkwardly blanked out, rendering the title of the show as "[beat] Pressure"

Game Show Tropes in use:

  • Bonus Round: Pressure Cooker, a race to get three more "Decisions" right to win a bonus prize. The audience was divided between the two players to serve as their Peer Group for the questions.
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