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Kally's Mashup is a Nickelodeon musical telenovela created by Swedish television and music producer Adam Anders, loosely inspired by his youth studying at a music university. The Argentine-Mexican series debuted on Nick Latin America on October 23, 2017, running for 120 episodes across two seasons until April 19, 2019. Though a third season has been considered for the series, a TV Movie known as Un Cumpleanos Muy Kally (A Very Kally Birthday) is in production.


The series stars the young Kally Ponce (Maia Reficco), a musical prodigy who loves pop and Classical Music. After moving into the city to live with her mother and grandmother, she's becomes the youngest student admitted to the prestigious Allegro Conservatory to learn piano. However, with a secret desire to become a famous pop star, Kally creates an online persona (Mika635) where she posts her genre-combining talents online. Each episode builds on this balancing act of a narrative as Kally figures out her own identity.


This show provides examples of:

  • Child Prodigy: Kally, even before entering Allegro Conservatory at the ripe age of thirteen, was shown to be talented in classical music at a younger age. The adults around her attempted to pigeonhole her into that style as a result.
  • Genre-Busting: The "mashup" of Kally's Mashup refers to her knack of seamlessly combining classic and pop music into original works that she posts online.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Often seen in this series.
  • Spin-Off: The series has spawned two webseries:
    • Intentos de Inventos - a series focused on Charly Ponce, Kally's uncle, and his various technological inventions.
    • Mashándolo - a tutorial series showing fans how they merged two distinct ideas into an original one, similar to Kally's own genre mashup of classical and pop music.


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