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A Reality TV series which ran on G4TV in late 2011. The program followed a Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit during a deployment to AfghanistanAfter the closing of the G4 network, rerun episodes could be found from time to time on the Esquire Channel.

Tropes featured:

  • Awesome Personnel Carrier: The JERRV Joint EOD Rapid Response Vehicle, which is equipped with bricks of C4 explosive, infrared cameras, a bomb disposal robot and a machine gun turret.
  • Bomb Disposal. It's the whole reason the team was deployed to Afghanistan.
  • Da Chief
  • Noisy Robots: For such a small machine, they make quite a bit of noise while we are watching them work at placing demo charges on the IEDs they are designed to shield their operators from.
  • More Dakka: Every one of these guys is equipped with an assault rifle. The trucks are all equipped with a machine gun turret sporting either an M240B machine gun or the much larger M2 .50 cal machine gun (aka the Ma Deuce).
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  • The Squad: Specifically, Navy EOD Platoon 342.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: These guys blow stuff up for a living. Destroying IEDs is their whole job. They take out at least one bomb per episode, if not more.
  • Zerg Rush: The Taliban try to do this on at least a few different occasions. It doesn't work out very well for them.


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